1973 coal miners strike

1973 Coal Miners Strike

miners continue kentucky strike (published 1973),evarts, ky., nov. 17—a pistol shot away from where its members battled gunmen of the eastern kentucky coal mine operators of the nineteen‐thirties, the united mine workers is conducting.laid off and owed pay: the kentucky miners blocking coal,in 1973, harlan’s coalminers went on strike for 13 months when contract negotiations with duke power company broke down after miners voted to form a union..

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  • 1972 and 1974 Miners' Strikes - AGOR

    1972 And 1974 Miners' Strikes - AGOR

    in late 1973, the miners once more voted to take industrial action if their pay demands were not meet. they were not, and so on the 9th february 1974, the miners came out on strike.

  • How Thatcher broke the miners' strike but at what cost

    How Thatcher Broke The Miners' Strike But At What Cost

    the miners had gone on strike twice in the previous decade. in 1972 and 1974, strikes shut down every coal mine in britain, and a combination of solidarity strikes by the steel and railway unions and targeted picketing of coking works, ports and industrial sites brought the country to a standstill.

  • BBC ON THIS DAY | 9 | 1972: Miners strike against government

    BBC ON THIS DAY | 9 | 1972: Miners Strike Against Government

    the miners' strike lasted seven weeks. within 48 hours of the strike beginning, 17 schools in shropshire - dependent on coal-fired heating - were forced to close. the tuc advised transport unions...

  • Harlan County, USA - Wikipedia

    Harlan County, USA - Wikipedia

    harlan county, usa is a 1976 american documentary film covering the 'brookside strike' a 1973 effort of 180 coal miners and their wives against the duke power company-owned eastover coal company's brookside mine and prep plant in harlan county, southeast kentucky. it won the oscar for best documentary at the 49th academy awards.

  • When Margaret Thatcher Crushed a British Miners’ Strike

    When Margaret Thatcher Crushed A British Miners’ Strike

    the failure of the 1984-85 miners’ strike helped revive the british economy, but had major implications for the future of labor unions and coal mining in britain.

  • BBC ON THIS DAY | 6 | 1974: Miners' strike comes to an

    BBC ON THIS DAY | 6 | 1974: Miners' Strike Comes To An

    british coal workers have called off a four-week strike following a 35% pay offer from the new labour government in what is being seen as a resounding victory for the miners. around 260,000 miners have accepted weekly pay rises ranging from £6.71 to £16.31. the offer is worth more than double the figure on offer under edward heath's government.

  • BBC Inside Out - Miners' strike revisited

    BBC Inside Out - Miners' Strike Revisited

    the miners' strike was one of the hardest fought industrial disputes in british history. its battlegrounds were the old mining areas including the notts and derbyshire coalfields.

  • Documentary: (1973) Harlan County Coalminers strike

    Documentary: (1973) Harlan County Coalminers Strike

    this is a live documentary/biography on the 1973 coalminers strike in brookside, ky. you need to find some time because it's 1hr: 44min's. long. or you can save the movie to your desktop and watch it later. some may have to sign up but i've been watching 'free' online movies from this site for 3

  • Inside the Coal Miners’ Great Gas Protest of 1974

    Inside The Coal Miners’ Great Gas Protest Of 1974

    tion. i worked in the mines from early 1973 until i was fired and blacklisted at the end of 1979. and during that time i was one of the core activists of the min-ers right to strike committee—a communist-led or-ganization of coal miners that helped lead the biggest wildcats

  • Remembering Bloody Harlan | Parallel Narratives

    Remembering Bloody Harlan | Parallel Narratives

    as long as a single ton of recoverable coal remains underneath the surface of eastern kentucky men and their families will likely be exploited to mine it. note: in 1973-74 another long bitter strike transpired at harlan’s brookside mine when the duke power company refused to sign a umwa contract.

  • The 1974 Three Day Week & Electricity Rationing | the

    The 1974 Three Day Week & Electricity Rationing | The

    this led to a worker walkout on 9 january, the first official strike by miners in britain since 1972. there had been a widespread unofficial strike in 1969. miners picketed at coal-fired power stations, before targeting all other major coal users including steelworks and

  • Background - Harlan Coal Strike 1973-1974

    Background - Harlan Coal Strike 1973-1974

    'in september, 1973, the women of brookside, kentucky defied traditional gender roles and became activists in the harlan county coal strike. their responsibilities to their culture and their...

  • The 1970s: Decade of the Rank and File - Jacobin

    The 1970s: Decade Of The Rank And File - Jacobin

    three miners were shot and killed on picket lines, hundreds were arrested, and thousands were fined. there was widespread sympathy for the striking miners, including solidarity rallies, food collections, and caravans, but no other union took action in their support. the miners fought alone; nevertheless, they defeated the companies on many issues.

  • 1949 coal miners strike: A turning point in Australian

    1949 Coal Miners Strike: A Turning Point In Australian

    1949 coal miners strike: a turning point in australian history. the 1949 coal miners strike saw 23,000 workers withdraw their labour between june 27 and august 15 of that year. the dispute dominated australian politics at the time and saw elements of revolution and counter-revolution which has been a rarity on australian soil.

  • King Coal - Warwick

    King Coal - Warwick

    [included in a file on 'fuel and power: crisis 1973-', from the records of the trades union congress; document reference: mss.292d/603.75/1] 'the miners' strike', national union of mineworkers' fact sheet, 1984. the leaflet 'explains what is happening to the coal industry and why you should support the miners'.

  • “A Woman's Place Is in the Umwa”: Women Miners and the

    “A Woman's Place Is In The Umwa”: Women Miners And The

    although existing scholarship has pointed to the end of union democracy in the umwa after the decline of the miners for democracy in 1973–74, this article argues that newly hired women miners took up the mantle of union democracy and, in the process of forging space for themselves in the workplace and the union, became leaders among the umwa's rank and file as workers attempted to

  • 25 years after the Great Miners’ Strike • International

    25 Years After The Great Miners’ Strike • International

    one of these was coal mining, where there was a high level of strike activity—almost all of it unofficial—until payment by results was ended in the years 1966-70. the number of unofficial strikes involving miners was almost as great as in all the other industries put together.

  • Coal Miners’ 3-day Strike Draws Support from Local

    Coal Miners’ 3-day Strike Draws Support From Local

    coal mining in india was nationalised back in 1973-74 and currently about 92 % of the mining is done by the two psus. l ast year, when the government had allowed 100 % foreign direct investment in the coal sector, the decision met censure and likewise, coal miners too registered their opposition through an one-day strike.

  • Coal Miners (Pay) (Hansard, 27 November 1973)

    Coal Miners (Pay) (Hansard, 27 November 1973)

    details of the national standard weekly rates of wages of various categories of coal miners, operative from 1st april 1973, are given in the publication 'time rates of wages and hours of work'. this department does not have precise information about the numbers of workers in each of the categories shown. all the rates published are below £42.

  • Alabama coal miners are not to blame for UMWA leaders

    Alabama Coal Miners Are Not To Blame For UMWA Leaders

    in 1977-78, miners launched a 110-day strike that paralyzed the coal operators. then-president jimmy carter, a democrat, invoked the taft-hartley act and attempted to use a federal court

  • Coal Miners' Strike, Harlan County, Ky., 1973 | Pass the Word

    Coal Miners' Strike, Harlan County, Ky., 1973 | Pass The Word

    this project documents the role of women in the strikes by the united mine workers of america and coal workers of america in pikeville and brookside from 1972 to 1974. topics include organizing, picketing, child care, health benefits, the brookside coal mine, pikeville, unions, coal operators,...

  • Socialist Party :: The truth about the miners' strike

    Socialist Party :: The Truth About The Miners' Strike

    the miners' example in 1984 also led to a huge public outcry in 1992 against the re-elected tory government's proposals for a massive further cut in deep-mined coal and the loss of more than 30,000 mining jobs. despite peter heathfield's concerns, it was the young miners at cortonwood colliery in south yorkshire who started the strike.

  • Harlan County U.S.A. (1976) - Plot Summary - IMDb

    Harlan County U.S.A. (1976) - Plot Summary - IMDb

    this film documents the coal miners' strike against the brookside mine of the eastover mining company in harlan county, kentucky in june, 1973. eastovers refusal to sign a contract (when the miners joined with the united mine workers of america) led to the strike, which lasted more than a year and included violent battles between gun-toting company thugs/scabs and the picketing miners and their supportive

  • Role of Women in Coal Mining Labor Activism in Appalachia

    Role Of Women In Coal Mining Labor Activism In Appalachia

    coal miners’ spouses. coal miners, harlan county, ky., 1973. coal strike. coal miners’ strike, kentucky, 1973-1974. strikes and lockouts—coal mining. women coal miners—appalachian region—history. women in the labor movement. women labor leaders. also relevant: coal mine accidents—kentucky. coal miner—kentucky—harlan county

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