ggbs properties in concrete

Ggbs Properties In Concrete

technical data sheet - ecocem,longer lasting concrete. a replacement rate of up to 70% is permitted by the i.s en 206-1. ecocem ggbs replacement greater than 66% is classified as a sulfate resistant cement by en 197 and can be used in aggressive ground conditions. ecocem ggbs is an industrial by-product that is diverted from landfill and upcycled into a commodity product..ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbs) | chemical,the setting time of concrete is mainly influenced by the temperature and water cement ratio. using of ggbs in concrete generally increase the setting time slightly up to 30 minutes. this has an advantage that this concrete mix can be workable for a longer time and the risk of developing cold joints will be lesser. this property is helpful in construction in warm weather. consistency.

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  • GGBS; sustainable alternative to Portland Cement | LKAB

    GGBS; Sustainable Alternative To Portland Cement | LKAB

    because ggbs has low embodied co 2, it allows designing concrete mixes for sustainable construction. the manufacture of ggbs requires less than 20% of the energy and produces less than 10% of the co 2 emissions compared to portland cement production. ggbs is a sustainable alternative for portland cement in the production of: ready-mix concrete.

  • Comparative Study on Strength Properties of Concrete with

    Comparative Study On Strength Properties Of Concrete With

    index terms-properties of concrete ggbs, flyash, cementitious materials. i.introduction concrete is one of the most widely used construction material. now a days, the cost of production of cement is increasing at alarming rate and natural resources giving the raw material for its

  • What is GGBS? - CSMA - The Cementitious Slag Makers

    What Is GGBS? - CSMA - The Cementitious Slag Makers

    ggbs (ground granulated blast-furnace slag) is a cementitious material whose main use is in concrete and is a by-product from the blast-furnaces used to make iron. blast-furnaces operate at temperatures of about 1,500°c and are fed with a carefully controlled mixture of iron ore, coke and limestone. the iron ore is reduced to iron and the remaining

  • What is GGBS? Its Advantages and Disadvantages

    What Is GGBS? Its Advantages And Disadvantages

    ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbs) in concrete increases the strength and durability of the concrete structure. it reduces voids in concrete hence decreasing permeability. ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbs) gives a workable mix. it

  • Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag GGBS Concrete

    Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag GGBS Concrete

    ggbs concrete. ggbs concrete is concrete which contains a significant volume of ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbs) in the mix as either a supplementary cementitious material or as a replacement for some of the ordinary portland cement. ggbs concrete behaves in a similar manner to fly ash concrete and affects the setting time, strength gain

  • Influence of ggbs on properties of concrete | Request

    Influence Of Ggbs On Properties Of Concrete | Request

    in this investigation effect of ggbs on properties of fresh and hardened concrete are studied. the effect of chemicals attack also studied to know the effect of ggbs on durability of concrete....

  • GGBS Concrete - CSMA - The Cementitious Slag Makers

    GGBS Concrete - CSMA - The Cementitious Slag Makers

    the more aesthetically pleasing appearance of ggbs concrete can help soften the visual impact of large structures such as bridges and retaining walls. for coloured concrete, the pigment requirements are often reduced with ggbs and the colours are brighter.



    binding power of concrete is improved by using ggbs. it modifies the pore structure of concrete and results in a more hardened concrete and also abrasion resistance (rao, et al., 2016). the permeability and penetration of chloride ions in concrete is reduced. it can also influence the electrochemical pore solution

  • Properties of Hardened Concrete with Blast Furnace Slag

    Properties Of Hardened Concrete With Blast Furnace Slag

    microstructure of ggbs concrete studies have shown that ggbs help in decreasing the pores within the concrete thus making the concrete denser. the hydration reaction of ggbs gains two reactions. the first reaction involves the activation of ggbs particles to make them prepare for hydration.



    ground granulated blast furnace slag is used for a long time in due to its economy in production of cement. addition of slag in cement increases the durability properties of concrete and it also reduces the porosity of concrete. (al-otaibi, 2008).

  • Properties of concrete with Ground Granulated Blast

    Properties Of Concrete With Ground Granulated Blast

    ggbs is often used in concrete to improve certain properties, both in fresh and hardened concrete. ggbs is frequently used in the production of low heat cement. ternary systems composed by portland cement, slag and silica fume have also been used in the production of high-strength concrete.

  • Properties of Concrete with GGBS and its Applications for

    Properties Of Concrete With GGBS And Its Applications For

    properties of concrete with ggbs and its applications for bridge superstructures yasutaka sagawa1*, daisuke yamamoto1 and yoshikazu henzan2 1kyushu university, japan 2p.s. mitsubishi construction co., ltd., japan *744 motooka, nishi-ku, fukuoka, japan, e-mail: [email protected] abstract chloride diffusion coefficient of the concrete mixed with ground granulated blast-furnace



    concrete include the compressive strength, flexural strength and split tensile strength whereas physical properties includes the dry & moist density and water absorption of hardened concrete. on the basis of present work we found that ggbs in concrete

  • Strength and Corrosion Resistance Properties of Ggbs

    Strength And Corrosion Resistance Properties Of Ggbs

    ggbs. ground granulated blast furnace slag which is a by-product of steel manufacturing industry is an accepted mineral admixture for use in concrete. this granulated material when further ground to less than 45micron is called ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbfs).

  • Properties of Self Compacting Concrete using GGBS and

    Properties Of Self Compacting Concrete Using GGBS And

    granulated blast furnace slag (ggbs) as a filler material. nan su method is being used for mix design, optimum mix proportion finalised with 10 percent ggbs as replacement for cement at water – powder ratio of 0.34 for m50 grade concrete. the study has shown that scc with 10

  • (PDF) ' Ground Granulated Blast Slag (GGBS) In Concrete

    (PDF) ' Ground Granulated Blast Slag (GGBS) In Concrete

    iv. ggbs concrete ggbs proportions on its own, ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbs) hardens very slowly and, for use in concrete, it needs to be activated by combining it with portland cement. a typical combination is 50% ggbs with 50% portland cement, but percentages of ggbs [4] anywhere between 20 and 80 % are commonly used.

  • Study and Analysis of Strength of GGBS Concrete

    Study And Analysis Of Strength Of GGBS Concrete

    (ggbs) is a byproduct from iron and steel industries. ggbs is very useful in the design and development of high quality cement paste/mortar and concrete. ggbs is a byproduct from the blast furnaces used to make iron or steel. blast furnaces are fed with controlled mixture of iron

  • GGBS - SlideShare

    GGBS - SlideShare

    working with ggbs concrete • fresh concrete containing ggbs has better mobility characteristics, arising from the consistent fineness and particle shape of the ggbs powder, and from its slightly lower relative density. • the smoother surface texture and glassy surface of ggbs particles also helps to improve workability. 19.

  • GGBS concrete - Mo Civil Engineering

    GGBS Concrete - Mo Civil Engineering

    ggbs concrete. ground granulated blast slag is a by-product of steel industry. figure 1 showing the process of producing ggbs. using of ggbs improving concrete properties such as reducing concrete permeability, resisting sulfate attack, increasing concrete strength and reducing the heat of hydration. on the other hand, there is a concern



    concrete making. various properties are discussed with different age of concrete. it was an observation that it has good results over other concrete. ggbs is a good replacement of cement and it will help in reducing the production of co 2. as a result of this global warming can be reduced. our study is to test either we can get the strength of m45 grade.

  • (PDF) Strength Of High Performance Concrete With GGBS

    (PDF) Strength Of High Performance Concrete With GGBS

    m.vijayasekhar reddy, m. seshalalitha, 'strength properties of high performance concrete using ggbs and robo sand', (ijciet) issn 0976 -6308 (print) issn 0976 - 6316(online), volume 5, issue 6, concrete +ggbs% split tensile strength @28days (mpa) conventional concrete(cc) 3.39 cc+10%ggbs 3.86 cc+20%ggbs 3.97 cc+30%ggbs 4.00 cc+40%ggbs 4.01 cc+50%ggbs 3.50 -june 2018 page

  • Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Conclusion

    Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Conclusion

    compared to concrete produced with only opc, the ggbs blend produced concrete tend to have a slightly higher tensile strength and elastic modulus for a given compressive strength. generally, ggbs makes it easier to achieve a good surface finish. in addition the colour of concrete will be lighter than concrete produced with only opc. durability

  • Effect of Partial Replacement of Cement with GGBS on

    Effect Of Partial Replacement Of Cement With GGBS On

    4. to analyze effect of ggbs on the properties of fresh concrete especially workability of concrete. 5. to study the durability requirements of the ggbs concrete. iii. results and discussions in this chapter the cause of, using ggbs with partial replacement of cement as 0%, 20%, 40% and 60%

  • Corrosion Resistance of GGBS Concrete

    Corrosion Resistance Of GGBS Concrete

    chemical properties of cement and ggbs are presented in table 1. in order to observe the effect of concrete quality on the corrosion behavior of embedded steel bars, two water/cement ratios of

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