factors affecting quality control of concrete

Factors Affecting Quality Control Of Concrete

what is durability of concrete? factors affecting,factors affecting the durability of concrete. so the volume of chloride content must be controlled in construction materials. ensure the quality of material used in concrete and do some field tests to check the material quality. use the right type of cement for construction work..quality control of crops and factors affecting quality of,the quality of crop produced is as important as the quantity produced, or more important than that. for example, it is desirable to produce fine rice with pleasant aroma, wheat with high milling quality, maize with a high percentage of marketable grain to stalk, cotton with long fibres, groundnut with low percentage of hull, sugarcane with high sucrose, potatoes with good cooking quality etc..

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  • Factors That Affect the Quality of Concrete

    Factors That Affect The Quality Of Concrete

    as the professional manufacturer of concrete mixers and concrete batching plants, we will tell you some factors that affect the quality of concrete. 1. compressive strength concrete compressive strength is proportional to the strength of cement and concrete.

  • Quality control of concrete - SlideShare

    Quality Control Of Concrete - SlideShare

    when water mixed with a cement, forms a paste that binds the aggregates together. water causes the hardening of concrete through process call hydration.the water needs to be pure in order to prevent side reaction from occurring which may weaken the concrete or otherwise interfere with hydration process.the ratio of cement and water is the most critical factor in the production of

  • Concrete quality control – Factors affecting and Its

    Concrete Quality Control – Factors Affecting And Its

    where does quality control begin? the most important factor that affects the quality control of concrete is the production of raw materials used in the production of the concrete. how does quality control continue? 1.after selecting the raw materials having good qualities, the second step is handling and stockpiling the raw materials in the factory site.

  • Advantages And Factors Affecting of the Quality Control of

    Advantages And Factors Affecting Of The Quality Control Of

    factors affecting the quality control of concrete the main factors variation in concrete quality are as follows 1. availability of experienced, knowledgeable and trained personnel at all level of work.

  • Factors influencing the concrete quality: a survey to

    Factors Influencing The Concrete Quality: A Survey To

    according to the interviewees with more years of experience, the factor that most influences the quality of concrete is the environment, with 21.7%, and the least influencing factor is labor, with 18.1%.

  • Quality control in Construction – it all starts with concrete

    Quality Control In Construction – It All Starts With Concrete

    when we talk about the construction industry, particularly about construction projects, there is a complex process that involves a variety of factors affecting the quality. these factors can range from design, materials to even meteorology. although, and not limited to, there are technology factors that impact on the quality of construction as well as the chosen methods of operations, the technical measures,



    the quality of concrete is affected by different physical and mechanical properties of aggregate, i.e. shape, grading, durability, specific gravity and water absorption etc. these properties of aggregated should be tested before using it for concrete production. the quantity of deleterious materials and organic impurities should also be tested.

  • (PDF) Factors Affecting the Quality of Concrete Containing

    (PDF) Factors Affecting The Quality Of Concrete Containing

    results have shown that the major factors affecting the protection effectiveness of issm are the water-binder ratio of mortar substrate, age of substrate for sealer application, addition of

  • Factors Affecting Strength of Concrete - Concrete

    Factors Affecting Strength Of Concrete - Concrete

    factors affecting strength of concrete concrete strength is affected by many factors, such as quality of raw materials, water/cement ratio, coarse/fine aggregate ratio, age of concrete, compaction of concrete, temperature, relative humidity and curing of concrete.

  • 20 Factors Affecting Durability of Concrete - Structural Guide

    20 Factors Affecting Durability Of Concrete - Structural Guide

    factors affecting durability of concrete listed below. high humidity and rain; ultraviolet resistance; chemical resistance; seawater exposure; chloride resistance and steel corrosion; sulfate resistance; resistance to alkali-silica reaction (asr) carbonation; abrasion resistance; moderate to severe exposure condition for concrete; resistance to freezing and thawing

  • 11 Factors that can Affect the Strength of Concrete

    11 Factors That Can Affect The Strength Of Concrete

    it is the most important factor for gaining the strength of concrete. the lower w/c ratio leads the higher strength of concrete. generally, the water/cement ratio of 0.45 to 0.60 is used. too much water leads to segregation and voids in concrete. water/cement ratio is inversely proportional to the strength of concrete.

  • Factors Affecting Quality Control || Managing Control

    Factors Affecting Quality Control || Managing Control

    quality is dual: on the one hand, it serves to identify the article and on the other, it is equivalent to the degree of perfection. it is not absolute and can only be judged or realized by comparison with some pre-determined standard. factors affecting quality: the factors affecting quality are: 1. money. 2. materials. 3. management. 4. people. 5. market. 6.

  • factors affecting quality control of concrete | elreedyman

    Factors Affecting Quality Control Of Concrete | Elreedyman

    the results of an experimental program tests prepare to develop probabilistic models for the concrete compressive strength for different projects and managerial process. the results indicate that the ready mix quality control is better quality control than the mix on site.



    the necessary quality control and inspections of concrete materials, cfrm, steel used in conjunction with cfrm, other materials, equipment, possible factors affecting cfrm before and during work are given below. -factors affecting cfrm before start of work: bending beyond prescribed limits, subjection to

  • Top 15 Factors Affecting Strength of Concrete

    Top 15 Factors Affecting Strength Of Concrete

    with an increase in the cement to aggregate ratio, the ultimate strength will increase to some extent. aggregates are the key factors that will affect the impact strength of the concrete under aggressive load condition. good quality aggregates will absorb less water content that is meant for hydration of cement.

  • Durability of Concrete: Importance & Factors affecting

    Durability Of Concrete: Importance & Factors Affecting

    factors affecting the durability of concrete: the durability of concrete depends on the following factors as follows: water/cement ratio: higher water/cement ratios are the reason for larger permeability, so for durable concrete using a lower w / c ratio is helpful.

  • Bleeding of Concrete - Causes, effects, Control Measures

    Bleeding Of Concrete - Causes, Effects, Control Measures

    choking of concrete pumps lines can happen due to excessive bleeding of concrete mixes. how to control concrete bleeding. bleeding of concrete can be reduced considerably by employing following control measures. reducing water cement ratio and slump of concrete, increasing cement content, use of fine cement.

  • Workability of Concrete – Definition – Factors affecting

    Workability Of Concrete – Definition – Factors Affecting

    factors of affecting workability of concrete workability of concrete is a very important quality control parameter which should never be ignored at site. infact, there are many other subsidiary factors that effects or are linked with the workability.

  • Advantages Of Quality Control Of Concrete - Daily Civil

    Advantages Of Quality Control Of Concrete - Daily Civil

    quality control of concrete: concrete is mainly prepared at the construction site using locally accessible materials of variable properties. hence the concrete strength differs from one batch to another batch over a time period. the variation in concrete strength depends on several factors such as variation in the materials quality, mix proportion,

  • How to Control Variation in the Quality of Concrete

    How To Control Variation In The Quality Of Concrete

    therefore the quality control is a dynamic corporate pro­gramme to assure that all aspects of equipment, materials and workmanship are looked after well. factors causing variations in the quality of concrete: the main factors which cause variations in the quality of concrete are as follows: 1. personnel.

  • Factors Affecting Strength Variation Of Concrete

    Factors Affecting Strength Variation Of Concrete

    introduction: for the production of good quality concrete, it is necessary to understand the impacts of various factors which affect the layers of concrete during finishing operations, or when it brings with it, fine cement particles result in the properties of concrete in the plastic and hardened state.

  • 10 Factors That Affect Construction Quality Management–And

    10 Factors That Affect Construction Quality Management–And

    download it today, and read below, to explore the relationship between quality control and safety practices. download now. 1. damaged and low-quality materials. too much water or sand in a concrete mix, lumber cut from undersized trees and improperly graded steel can all result in widespread construction quality issues.

  • Durability of concrete - SlideShare

    Durability Of Concrete - SlideShare

    durability of concrete 1. quality control in concrete and durability factors : an overview by by rajesh prasad, cpm/m, rvnl. kolkata 2. introduction • concrete the man made rock is the most widely used construction material. • more than 80,000 crores cum of concrete



    selection of concrete mix proportions. concrete mix proportions is a process of optimization of several desirable characteristics based on the project requirements. the characteristics to be optimized are economy, strength, durability, and placeability. 1. economy. the primary reason for systematically determining mixture proportions is economy.

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