can you pour concrete over septic lines

Can You Pour Concrete Over Septic Lines

can you build over septic lines? -,it is not recommended to build over the septic tank or leach field. access to the tank is necessary for inspection and maintenance. building over leach fields can compact soils or damage the underground apparatus and cause the septic system to fail..pouring slab over septic line - tractorbynet,as far pressure on the line, that should not be problem either as long as the line is at least 12' under ground you could run just about anything over it and not hurt it. just be carefull with the concrete trucks when they come in if the ground is a little wet because those things do.

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  • The Dangers of Paving Over Septic System Components

    The Dangers Of Paving Over Septic System Components

    paving over your septic tank. you should never pave over your septic tank. although soil compaction is not a major issue for septic tanks, there are other dangers presented by placing an insecure septic tank underneath concrete and heavy vehicles. certain materials and structures must be used to make it safe to pave over septic tanks. a vast majority of tank manufacturers do not equip

  • Slab over Septic line - Fine Homebuilding

    Slab Over Septic Line - Fine Homebuilding

    some regulations it. if the line is 4' deep, sch. 40 pvc, and properly bedded, it may never be a problem. if the construction causes the pipe to bow down (i.e., create a low spot in the line) that length of line would be prone to clogging.

  • Pouring slab over septic line - Page 2 - TractorByNet

    Pouring Slab Over Septic Line - Page 2 - TractorByNet

    re: pouring slab over septic line. another possible backup technique would be to run the existing line inside of a larger diameter and sturdy pipe. of course you have to re-install the existing line to do this, but you will digging up the area anyways. seal the

  • Do not drive or park over septic tanks, piping, or the

    Do Not Drive Or Park Over Septic Tanks, Piping, Or The

    if a septic line must be run under a driveway, for example to pass from a building to the septic tank, the line must be protected by choice of materials (schedule 40), or placed in a covered and protected trench at adequate depth (such as with concrete covers over the trench) to avoid damage to the piping.

  • Building Near A Septic Tank and Drain Field - Septic

    Building Near A Septic Tank And Drain Field - Septic

    any large posts or poles that are placed too deep can cause a problem. this can be from decks, flagpoles, and large fences; replacing a septic tank can cause a leach field to become damaged. the large trucks needed to bring in the concrete septic tank will harm the soils. a plastic septic tank is a great way to avoid the problem altogether.

  • Storage Shed over septic lines -

    Storage Shed Over Septic Lines -

    pouring a slab over your drainfield will shorten the life of it, and cause you to have to replace the drainfield (or part of it)prematurely. i would build the shed on pressure-treated beam skids with a pressure-treated plywood floor. you can still run power to it if you want, and move it easily if ever necessary. good luck! mike

  • Can you pour concrete over electrical lines

    Can You Pour Concrete Over Electrical Lines

    you can pour the concrete over the ground above the lines but if you dig and damage the lines you are liable. if the lines weren't deep enough or not in conduit that is the electric companies fault and you aren't responsible.

  • Concrete Patio over Septic Tank| Concrete Construction

    Concrete Patio Over Septic Tank| Concrete Construction

    the procedure is a follows. one, lay out the patio over septic tank to fit available space. two, plot location of tank entry port and plan design to be scored in concrete so that one square is directly over it. three, frame off the opening.

  • Can you put pavers over septic tank? -

    Can You Put Pavers Over Septic Tank? -

    you can put pavers over a concrete septic tank, and if you so desire, you can probably put them over the lid too. the concrete tanks can usually withstand around

  • Can I put a driveway over septic lines? - Quora

    Can I Put A Driveway Over Septic Lines? - Quora

    yes : if the line is bedded properly and protected by enough materials to prevent crushing of the pipe below. in this case sch# 40 pvc pipe where allowed and if in a area where frost is present the line should be insulated also. proper pitch is needed so no water is standing in pipe in that case also.

  • Can You Drive Over A Septic Tank Safely Without Damaging

    Can You Drive Over A Septic Tank Safely Without Damaging

    so, can you drive over a septic tank?, the answer is no – you should not drive over your septic tank or leach field if possible. it is never recommended to drive over a septic tank, as it may damage the tank and increase the risk of costly repairs.

  • 12 Most Common Mistakes When Pouring Concrete | The Family

    12 Most Common Mistakes When Pouring Concrete | The Family

    pouring concrete when it’s hotter than 80 degrees f is risky because your concrete can begin hardening sooner than you can get it poured and troweled. pouring concrete when there’s danger of frost is also a problem because concrete loses a tremendous amount of strength if it freezes before curing.

  • I am pouring a concrete 'bridge' over a septic tank (as a

    I Am Pouring A Concrete 'bridge' Over A Septic Tank (as A

    i am pouring a concrete 'bridge' over a septic tank (as a combination lid/slab). i am using 1/2 inch plywood for the frame under the concrete. the concrete and rebar will be 9 inches thick. the scaffolding under the plywood will be framing boards, which are 2x4's on their sides (not on edge) attached under the plywood and held up by vertical 2x4's.

  • Landscaping Over Septic Drain Fields | Home & Garden

    Landscaping Over Septic Drain Fields | Home & Garden

    understanding how a septic system functions is essential to making sound decisions about how to best landscape over the drain field. a standard septic tank will separate solids from liquids. the liquid effluent, or wastewater, will then flow from the tank into a series of drain lines that allow the effluent to slowly percolate down through the soil in the drain field.

  • Concrete Septic Tank Condition - How to Inspect Concrete

    Concrete Septic Tank Condition - How To Inspect Concrete

    jim if we're talking about a concrete lid then prybars and a couple of flat bars may work and softening the tar with a mineral-based solvent might help, (show me a photo) but watch out: never work alone, never lean over the open septic tank - you can become overwhelmed by methane gas fumes and fall in - to a quick and nasty death.

  • pavers over septic | LawnSite™ is the largest and most

    Pavers Over Septic | LawnSite™ Is The Largest And Most

    you can put pavers over a concrete septic tank, and if you so desire, you can probably put them over the lid too. the concrete tanks can usually withstand around 10,000# on them. the lids are a different story. also, does the tank have 'risers' for the lids? the best thing to do is as mrusk said - put a planter over the lid.

  • plumbing - Can I put concrete over PVC pipe? - Home

    Plumbing - Can I Put Concrete Over PVC Pipe? - Home

    i want to cover up the soil with cement to flush the floor. this will need about 4 inches of concrete (height) in an area of about 8 inches by 10 feet. i was thinking of using a concrete mix. i live in an all year warm climate, btw. is it ok to pour the concrete over the compacted soil and not worry that the weight will crush the pvc pipe?

  • The Disadvantages of Pouring Concrete Over Existing

    The Disadvantages Of Pouring Concrete Over Existing

    a well-poured concrete slab with a deep, sturdy foundation can last for 30 to 40 years. pouring concrete over old concrete instead of directly over a new gravel foundation limits your ability to maximize the slab's lifespan. the condition of the existing slab is the primary factor that determines how long the new concrete will last.

  • Garage with concrete floor built over septic : RealEstate

    Garage With Concrete Floor Built Over Septic : RealEstate

    garage with concrete floor built over septic. we had an offer accepted on a home that was built in '89. apparently the original owner added an attached garage in 1994, right over the septic tank. everything we read online says do not build over tanks because the extra weight may cause failure plus it's harder aand more expensive to do

  • Can I concrete over gas pipe? - MyBuilder

    Can I Concrete Over Gas Pipe? - MyBuilder

    29875. personally i would lay soft sand over services, and then back fill with 10 mm shingle as this is self compacting, less work than concrete, and leaves services easier to get to if there are any problems in the future. simon, baker construction. 2014-02-22t22:35:01+00:00. answered 22nd feb 2014.

  • Why can you pour concrete over concrete? - Houzz

    Why Can You Pour Concrete Over Concrete? - Houzz

    we have a 12 x 35 concrete patio in the back it was poured in several sections over several years. the original portion is rock solid. the later sections have sank about an inch and were poured over the top of a septic tank. we are going to remove septic and repair/replace the patio with something u...

  • Common Septic Questions...Answered!

    Common Septic Questions...Answered!

    some may argue that the topic of septic system maintenance is better left untouched. others would consider septic service an art…okay, we are probably the only people that consider it an art. you might have a lot of questions about how your septic system works and maybe you are a little afraid (or embarrassed) to […]

  • drive over septic tank? | DIY Home Improvement Forum

    Drive Over Septic Tank? | DIY Home Improvement Forum

    well, i wouldn't agree with that level of certainty, but true, you should not let a tree-service drive over your septic tank (and definitely not on your leach-field). our septic tank is under a corner of our driveway. it's buried by about 2 feet of gravel. it has had cars parked on

  • Pouring Concrete over Utility Lines: Dos and Don’ts

    Pouring Concrete Over Utility Lines: Dos And Don’ts

    pouring concrete over utility lines: dos and don’ts. most concrete jobs involve digging. you might need to dig a foundation up to 24 inches deep before pouring concrete. or, you may need to use a jackhammer to remove old concrete before laying a new foundation. whenever you dig, you run the risk of encountering unseen utility lines buried

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