concrete floors in house diy

Concrete Floors In House Diy

how to dye concrete floors in your home,dying concrete floors is a simple but taxing process. the hardest part is summoning the necessary patience to wait for each coat to dry before moving onto the next step. if you’re trying to live in your house while taking on this project, it’s not easy to go about your everyday business..5 indoor concrete floor finishes |,scoring is a process that you can complete on existing concrete slabs. this is ideal for making a concrete floor look like tile. you will use a saw to etch the concrete, creating lines or a random, unique pattern. colored hardeners. colored hardeners typically come in powder form that you sprinkle on top of the concrete while it is still wet..

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  • DIY Concrete Floor | Cheap Home DIYs | Design

    DIY Concrete Floor | Cheap Home DIYs | Design

    diy concrete floor – step by step. once i had the appropriate supplies, i reviewed directions for a diy concrete floor found here and here. essentially, you pour some ardex feather finish (it’s a powder) into your bucket and add some water, then stir. you’re going for the texture of

  • The Beginner's Guide to DIY Stained Concrete, A Step by

    The Beginner's Guide To DIY Stained Concrete, A Step By

    kemiko stain was so much fun to use. diy stained concrete is the easiest diy that we have ever done, with the most amazing results. ease of use: 5 out of 5. price: $130 compared to an estimated $500 for tile. (roughly $ 0.50 sq. ft) time: it took longer to dry than we spent working on the floor. work time was about 4 hours. definitely do-able in a weekend.

  • The Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring |

    The Pros And Cons Of Concrete Flooring |

    dyes added as the wet concrete is being mixed produces concrete in a huge range of earthy colors. surface treatments such as acid stains, concrete stains and paint made for concrete floors turn plain concrete into beautiful, one-of-a-kind finishes. also, concrete can

  • 20 Stylish Concrete Floors Ideas - House Beautiful

    20 Stylish Concrete Floors Ideas - House Beautiful

    opt for a super large rug that stretches from wall to wall to cover up the concrete floors entirely. keep it in the same color range as the concrete floor so it blends in and further disguises it.

  • Concrete Floors Pros and Cons

    Concrete Floors Pros And Cons

    a basic concrete floor design includes pouring the slab or overlay, then a basic polishing and single colorizing treatment (staining or dyeing). mid-range design: $7 to $14 per square foot. this price range includes pouring the slab or overlay, then polishing and staining with multiple colors.

  • Concrete Floor Ideas - Better Homes and Gardens: DIY

    Concrete Floor Ideas - Better Homes And Gardens: DIY

    here are your options for concrete floor finishes. polished concrete: while raw concrete can look rough and unrefined, polished concrete floors look sleek and elegant. don’t worry about learning how to polish concrete – the process is quite simple. rent a

  • Concrete Floors and Replacing a Timber Floor ... - DIY Doctor

    Concrete Floors And Replacing A Timber Floor ... - DIY Doctor

    concrete floors diy. if you have decided to lay a concrete floor yourself there are some points you need to know. the floor construction of a house, or dwelling, must fulfil several criteria, and the following design functions must be taken into consideration when laying your concrete slab.

  • The Reason We Have Sealed Concrete Floors - Domestic

    The Reason We Have Sealed Concrete Floors - Domestic

    the only reason we have sealed concrete floors in our new house is because we can’t afford to put wood flooring in right now. concrete flooring is actually a very popular flooring option in our area. you can find it in homes of all price ranges, it is usually stained a shade of brown and sealed or polished.

  • How To Paint Concrete Floors DIY Projects Craft Ideas

    How To Paint Concrete Floors DIY Projects Craft Ideas

    use this high-durability floor paint on coated or uncoated concrete, masonry, stone and brick. this paint is ideal on high-traffic surfaces such as garage floors, basements, driveways and porches. kilz concrete floor paint delivers a satin finish that applies smoothly and evenly to floors and horizontal surfaces. dries to touch in 2 hours.

  • 12 Different Types of Concrete Floor Finishes (Indoor

    12 Different Types Of Concrete Floor Finishes (Indoor

    concrete stamping is a technique of sprucing up concrete walls and floors. by this method, you can create different patterns such as tile, brick, and slate designs on an otherwise plain concrete flooring. by utilizing a mold with a particular pattern, the process involves pressing down the stamp on the concrete when it’s still wet.

  • How to Repair a Concrete Floor: 13 Steps (with Pictures

    How To Repair A Concrete Floor: 13 Steps (with Pictures

    brush a concrete bonding agent into the crack or hole. bonding agent is a liquid that helps concrete stick better. dip a paintbrush into the bottle and spread an even layer into the damaged area. cover every part of the crack or hole.

  • 35 Best Polished Cement Floors ideas | concrete floors

    35 Best Polished Cement Floors Ideas | Concrete Floors

    jun 2, 2018 - explore heidi ryan's board 'polished cement floors' on pinterest. see more ideas about concrete floors, house design, home.

  • 16 Times When Concrete Floors Made Living Rooms Look Stunning

    16 Times When Concrete Floors Made Living Rooms Look Stunning

    a combination of polished concrete floors, full-height glass windows, wooden ceilings and stone accent walls allow the spaces to feel connected to the rugged mountain landscape that surrounds them. the design strategy was simple and very effective.

  • Laying a concrete floor | DIY Tips, Projects & Advice UK

    Laying A Concrete Floor | DIY Tips, Projects & Advice UK

    starting at the wall furthest away from the door, shovel the concrete on to the floor area. work across the floor area completing sections about 600mm at a time. use a length of 100mm x 50mm timber as a straight edge. using the top of the insulation board at the sides of the room as a guide, scrape the straight edge forward to level the concrete.

  • Concrete Floor Installation - How to Install a Concrete

    Concrete Floor Installation - How To Install A Concrete

    concrete floor installation consists of three phases: surface preparation, decorative treatment, and sealer or topcaot. the timeline and steps involved to install concrete floors can vary greatly from job to job.

  • How To Stain A Concrete Floor - Young House Love | DIY

    How To Stain A Concrete Floor - Young House Love | DIY

    a stained concrete floor is a great and durable flooring option, and – good news! – staining one yourself is a surprisingly easy task (although you’ll want to avoid one major pitfall we fell into below). so anyone with a garage, sunroom, basement or porch with a concrete floor should seriously consider this super simple process.

  • Concrete flooring: a guide to polished concrete floors

    Concrete Flooring: A Guide To Polished Concrete Floors

    concrete tiles are a great budget alternative to a poured concrete floor and cost anywhere from £2 for a 45cm x 45cm tile from a builders' merchant or diy store. they are available in a range of shades, from very pale greys to dark charcoal, and can even be coloured.

  • 20 Gorgeous Concrete Houses With Unexpected Designs

    20 Gorgeous Concrete Houses With Unexpected Designs

    the project uses concrete as a primary material and the house looks a lot like what would be a modern and stylized version of a fortress. it has an unusual form which mimics the silhouettes of the alps visible in the distance. walls of raw concrete define the facade and set a border between the interior spaces and the surroundings.

  • 25 Modern Homes That Kill it With Concrete - Dwell

    25 Modern Homes That Kill It With Concrete - Dwell

    the orchard house in sebastopol, california. nestled in an apple grove in sebastopol, california, the orchard house is a rural idyll. and with the voracious design appetites of a family of gastronomically inclined clients, this concrete prefab construction is quite literally a

  • Ideas for Concrete Inside the Home | Remodeling With Concrete

    Ideas For Concrete Inside The Home | Remodeling With Concrete

    concrete has snuck out of the garage and is making its way inside your house, floors: concrete floors are incredibly durable and practical. hairline cracks don’t affect concrete’s integrity and can be easily repaired using a diy urethane crack-mending product ($75/21 oz.).

  • Building Foundations and Floor Slabs | DIY Doctor

    Building Foundations And Floor Slabs | DIY Doctor

    these foundations involve pouring at least 250mm of concrete into the foundations. on to this base the block work is built up until ground level is reached, where the materials are changed to your choice, such as bricks. the width of these foundations is determined by the type of soil and this will be confirmed by the building inspector.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of concrete floors?

    What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Concrete Floors?

    in terms of daily maintenance, like with concrete flooring in the interiors, sweeping and mopping with water and soap will suffice in keeping the concrete tiles looking as good as new. for concrete flooring with a glossy finish, periodic repolishing

  • 12 Painted Floor Ideas to Inspire Your Next DIY Project

    12 Painted Floor Ideas To Inspire Your Next DIY Project

    patterned concrete floor. add an understated pattern to your list of painted floor ideas. layer a natural-colored concrete floor with an elegant white stencil to create an airy look. also, be sure to check out this diy concrete crack repair.

  • 31 Concrete Flooring Ideas With Pros And Cons - DigsDigs

    31 Concrete Flooring Ideas With Pros And Cons - DigsDigs

    concrete floors for bathrooms. bathrooms’ main problem is moisture and if concrete flooring is not properly finished and sealed, it will be very susceptible to penetration by moisture. if liquid does manage to make its way into the pores of a concrete floor, it

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