alternative to concrete slab for patio

Alternative To Concrete Slab For Patio

alternatives to concrete slab patio - patio ideas,6 concrete patio ideas to boost the appeal of that drab slab realtor com. 9 diy cool creative patio flooring ideas the garden glove. diy patios on a budget and then day two they poured the last 5 slabs backyard patio. this unique photo is seriously an exceptional style alternative floatingdeck deck over concrete building a. backyard concrete patio ideas stained and stamped.what's the most eco-friendly alternative to a garden patio,concrete patio slabs are still, perhaps, the cheapest route to take. however, concrete is far from being environmentally benign - quite the opposite, in fact. other options include bricks, stone....

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  • Cheap Alternative To Concrete Patio and Similar Products

    Cheap Alternative To Concrete Patio And Similar Products

    stone paver patios - stone paver patios offer a more uniform, level patio if you are looking for a crack-resistant alternative to concrete that will still be fairly easy for your kids to play (or roll) on. we say crack-resistant because pavers are set on an aggregate base, which means you will never have cracks like you do with a concrete patio.

  • DIY Concrete Patio Alternative |

    DIY Concrete Patio Alternative |

    the gravel binding product is what really transformed a thrifty gravel patio into a stunning concrete alternative. guests are always impressed by the space, and ask how i made the patio. the backyard used to be a scary place to go, but now it is the best part of the yard. this was a pretty big project, so it took some time to do.

  • Cheaper alternative to slabs?? — MoneySavingExpert Forum

    Cheaper Alternative To Slabs?? — MoneySavingExpert Forum

    some colouring and some plastic fibres which help bind the together and help prevent it from breaking up. then you can have a coloured of your choice and the price should be lower than paying for i had this idea for my back yard because i did not want to pay out for

  • Cost effective alternatives to concrete for patios/driveway?

    Cost Effective Alternatives To Concrete For Patios/driveway?

    a concrete driveway is an alternative to an asphalt driveway. concrete driveways can last for 30 years and require less maintenance. there’s no need to repair them as often because cracks occur only in extreme pressure rather than normal changing weather conditions. see this -

  • What is the best paving for patios | Simply Paving

    What Is The Best Paving For Patios | Simply Paving

    gone are the days where the choice for patio paving came down to concrete paving slabs in grey, buff or red. manufactured paving is still an excellent option but there are so many other choices too. in the following article we will look at the various ranges of paving slabs suitable for patios including: concrete paving slabs; natural stone paving

  • 6 Concrete Patio Ideas to Boost the Appeal of That Drab Slab

    6 Concrete Patio Ideas To Boost The Appeal Of That Drab Slab

    concrete stamping mats are a less expensive alternative. they are flexible pieces of rubber with embossed patterns. prices per mat range from $270 to

  • A cheaper alternative to a paver patio??

    A Cheaper Alternative To A Paver Patio??

    the loose gravel is not that good for furniture, especially pea gravel, which will shift around a lot and eventually fill up with sprouting weed seeds. concrete, whether plain, stamped, or with exposed aggregate would work.

  • 15 Beautiful Concrete Patio Ideas and Designs

    15 Beautiful Concrete Patio Ideas And Designs

    for a smooth, level transition, nothing beats concrete, especially if the material and color indoors and out are the same or at least appear to be. this seattle home built in the 1950s was remodeled by lane williams architects, and features two large sliding doors that open the den and dining rooms to the same-level patio.

  • DIY Concrete Patio Cover Up Ideas • The Garden Glove

    DIY Concrete Patio Cover Up Ideas • The Garden Glove

    i pretty much hate a plain concrete patio. but let’s face it, most of us have ’em. they are boring and just plain… well, plain.a couple of seasons ago we stained one of our concrete patios, and that was a good solution.but i’m always on the hunt for something different, and am in the need to do my back patio soon, because yes, it is boring me to death!

  • Laying Patio Pavers Over Existing Concrete | Hunker

    Laying Patio Pavers Over Existing Concrete | Hunker

    you can use decorative granite edging pavers to give the patio a more sophisticated appearance, you can use brick edgers or you can simply use the same pavers you use for the rest of the patio. whichever edging material you use, don't forget to incorporate drainage outlets at the points toward which water flows.

  • 23 What to do with those leftover concrete slabs ideas

    23 What To Do With Those Leftover Concrete Slabs Ideas

    feb 16, 2013 - explore teble brewer's board 'what to do with those leftover concrete slabs', followed by 237 people on pinterest. see more ideas about outdoor gardens, backyard, concrete slab.

  • Concrete or paving slabs? - MyBuilder

    Concrete Or Paving Slabs? - MyBuilder

    not much price difference so it comes down to cost and taste and overall quality. concrete is cheap and cheerful but concrete imprint is expensive but attractive. likewise for slabs....plain greys or buff are cheap and cheerful whereas more costly slabs are expensive and attractive. 2011-03-07t15:30:02+00:00. answered 7th mar 2011.

  • 75 Beautiful Patio with Concrete Slab Ideas & Designs

    75 Beautiful Patio With Concrete Slab Ideas & Designs

    whether you want inspiration for planning a patio with concrete slab renovation or are building a designer patio from scratch, houzz has 16,580 images from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including maria savelieva photography and sapphire living interiors.

  • How thick does a concrete slab need to be for a patio

    How Thick Does A Concrete Slab Need To Be For A Patio

    three of the most commonly chosen patio types include the paver, stone and concrete slab patio. among the three, the easiest to sustain are those made out of concrete. while they come in many forms, the concrete slab is the best option to go for when you are looking for a flat, smooth and stable patio that gives you thermal heating and the best flooring to work with.

  • Options for Cracks in Concrete Patio Slabs » The Money

    Options For Cracks In Concrete Patio Slabs » The Money

    but there’s nothing that you can do to repair cracks in concrete patio slabs, structurally, at this point. you’re always going to have cracks in concrete patio slabs. so, what you could do is seal that crack with a special caulk-like – it’s not caulk but it’s a caulk-like product that’s designed to seal concrete.

  • Do You Need Rebar For 4-Inch Slab? (Should You Reinforce)

    Do You Need Rebar For 4-Inch Slab? (Should You Reinforce)

    an alternative to rebar is welded wire mesh or fabric mesh, which is a lighter, thinner option for reinforcing concrete slabs. as such, it requires less concrete to hold it in place and still provides additional support as regular rebar would. the reinforcement that welded wire mesh adds is not as comprehensive as the thicker rebar.

  • Concrete Decks: Best Alternative to Wooden Decking

    Concrete Decks: Best Alternative To Wooden Decking

    what is concrete decking? but there is an alternative to wood decking: pattern imprinted concrete. with concrete decking, you get all the benefits of a concrete patio – with the look and appeal of traditional decking. concrete decking is a gorgeous concrete patio that looks just like decking – without the problems associated with wooden

  • How to choose your ideal Slabs and Patio design | Simply

    How To Choose Your Ideal Slabs And Patio Design | Simply

    this can even be done when using concrete block paving for driveway areas. for driveways, a stylish alternative to a raised kerb is to border the drive area with a contrasting block either in the same style or a standard 200×100 block. decorative aggregates are worth considering to

  • How to Extend Your Concrete Patio With Pavers - Dengarden

    How To Extend Your Concrete Patio With Pavers - Dengarden

    the solution: extend the concrete patio. pouring additional concrete can get expensive. permits are required in many areas to pour concrete, and that usually involves hiring a contractor, driving the cost of this project into the thousands. an alternative to pouring more concrete is extending the concrete patio with pavers.

  • How Thick Should a Concrete Patio

    How Thick Should A Concrete Patio

    well, concrete doesn’t have a standardized concrete patio thickness to follow. but you can find a guide on concrete slabs. they’re usually 4 inches thick. so that’s the average of most concrete patios nowadays. even then, some patios may need more thickness than that, especially if they’re going on high-traffic areas or under heavy objects.



    reinforced concrete slab is the most popular floor slab system used in residential building construction in sri lanka. reinforced concrete solid slabs can be either one-way spanning or two way

  • Cheap Alternatives to Flagstone Patios | Sapling

    Cheap Alternatives To Flagstone Patios | Sapling

    stamped concrete is an inexpensive alternative to flagstone for a patio. its expensive price tag, however, also deters many people from selecting it, especially for use on larger patios. fortunately several alternative patio materials yield a similar look and feeling to flagstone without breaking the bank.

  • Polymer Concrete Overlay - When to Use a Cementitious

    Polymer Concrete Overlay - When To Use A Cementitious

    concrete overlays are an alternative to breaking out and replacing an existing concrete slab, which can be expensive, messy, disruptive, and time-consuming. with an overlay, you can give worn, lackluster concrete a decorative makeover or restore it to like-new condition in as little as a day and at a fraction of the cost.

  • 60 Concrete Patio Ideas - Unique Backyard Retreats

    60 Concrete Patio Ideas - Unique Backyard Retreats

    the great thing about concrete patios is that they just take a little planning and sweat equity to pull off. pouring a concrete patio in your empty backyard might be the easiest way to create a dry, level space for a table and chairs set or some lounge chairs. you can make these slabs as

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