dark spots on concrete after sealing

Dark Spots On Concrete After Sealing

concrete stain and sealer patio makeover | concrete exchange,a few weeks ago we decided to restore the concrete stain and sealer on our stamped concrete patio. the acid stain was faded, there was a grid work of rust stains from a long-since removed hot-tub, and discoloration from planters were everywhere..concrete sealing and waterproofing | help center,if your stamped concrete has an existing sealer that has failed, turned yellow or is incompatible with the new sealer you want to use, you will need to remove the old sealer before re-sealing. in most cases this stripping process will also remove most or all of the color applied to the stamped concrete..

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  • Blotchy Concrete - Why is Your Concrete Blotchy (and How

    Blotchy Concrete - Why Is Your Concrete Blotchy (and How

    but what if you noticed discoloration even after sealing? the culprits of blotchy concrete after sealing. when you find yourself staring at discolored concrete that has already been sealed, there are usually three potential sources of blame: the sealer was applied poorly; not enough sealer was applied; the concrete itself had varying absorption rates

  • Concrete Sealers Issues - Blotchy, White Haze, Dark Spots

    Concrete Sealers Issues - Blotchy, White Haze, Dark Spots

    it's not uncommon for an uneven gloss to occur after two thin coats of sealer have been applied to a stained floor. the cause is different levels of porosity in the concrete surface. in some areas, the concrete is more porous and most or all of the sealer was absorbed into the substrate.

  • Sealing Concrete Driveway left behind dark spots | DIY

    Sealing Concrete Driveway Left Behind Dark Spots | DIY

    we noticed in some areas the sealer really didn't seem to soak into the concrete (like the attached picture right below where you see the white spots between the darker areas where the sealer penetrated through) this spot did eventually dry but we thought it was strange how it never darkened with the sealer applied.

  • Concrete Sealer Quick Fixes // Ghostshield® Concrete Sealers

    Concrete Sealer Quick Fixes // Ghostshield® Concrete Sealers

    in order to fix existing scratching, wipe xylene on the area and reapply an extremely light new coat of concrete sealer. blotchy and dark concrete: blotchy concrete can result from over application. in order to prevent over application, apply sealers in thin, even coats. if over application does occur, use xylene to correct the problem.

  • Concrete Discoloration: Drying Different Colors or Spotty

    Concrete Discoloration: Drying Different Colors Or Spotty

    a frequent reason behind a darkened-concrete appearance is the addition of calcium chloride to accelerate the setting time of concrete (see photo 1), especially when calcium chloride dosages approach 2% by weight of cement. inadequate mixing after addition of calcium chloride makes the concrete color even more irregular or blotchy.

  • Discolored Concrete: 3 Causes and What You Can Do

    Discolored Concrete: 3 Causes And What You Can Do

    no concrete should turn dark (unless you’re paving a road). a ‘dark’ color might result from darker spots being next to notably lighter spots, making the dark spots appear relatively ‘dark.’ thus, having darker spots shouldn’t necessarily mean that the spots are somehow less desirable than lighter spots. dark spots or a darker overall discoloration resulting from spills of foreign material can be a problem since

  • Why Does My Cement Have Dark Spots in It As It Is Drying

    Why Does My Cement Have Dark Spots In It As It Is Drying

    too much water is another common reason that cement mixtures take on dark splotches during the drying phase. as the water evaporates to the surface and soaks into the cement that is an ingredient of concrete, it leaves behind darker spots where the cement contains more moisture.

  • Common Concrete Sealer Problems and How To Avoid Them

    Common Concrete Sealer Problems And How To Avoid Them

    for dirty concrete without excessive oil staining, concentrated concrete cleaners such as the armor er100 are an excellent choice. dawn dish soap and simple green are also options for light concrete cleaning. after cleaning concrete, rinse it well and give it adequate time to dry before applying solvent/oil based acrylic.

  • Stains on Concrete types & sources of stains on concrete

    Stains On Concrete Types & Sources Of Stains On Concrete

    dark mottled and rivulet or down-run stains on a concrete wall may be due to water intrusion or water condensation or even an artifact of the concrete pour and the forms used. some discolorations in concrete, including dark areas, are natural, not harmful, and are not economical, if

  • How to Fix Concrete Sealer Problems | Concrete Camouflage

    How To Fix Concrete Sealer Problems | Concrete Camouflage

    when a concrete sealer flakes, it is usually because of one of the following reasons: the concrete was not dry enough when the sealer was applied. if the concrete it too wet, flaking occurs because the sealant cannot bond properly to the surface. the concrete stain was not neutralized in advance.

  • How To Fix Bad Concrete Stain Job | Concrete Camouflage

    How To Fix Bad Concrete Stain Job | Concrete Camouflage

    if you have areas that are too dark then you can try the acid washing technique mentioned above to lighten those areas. fixing scratches on your concrete stain job if you've applied some sealant and floor wax to your acid stain and discovered scratches on certain areas, you'll want to give it a touch up.

  • Answers to Concrete Staining Problems, Questions and

    Answers To Concrete Staining Problems, Questions And

    if sealing does not resolve the color issue, the fix involves either restaining or pulling stain out of the concrete. restaining works best if you need to go darker or fill in light spots, but does not work very well when you’re trying to lighten the overall color.

  • Newly poured concrete has dark spots and streaks

    Newly Poured Concrete Has Dark Spots And Streaks

    we had a new concrete patio installed this week and after top cast was removed we noticed there was dark concrete streaks in some areas. it looked like hardened cement that had dried on top and was darker in color than the rest of concrete. the day they installed the concrete it was hot about 80 degrees and very windy. they applied a top cast per our request to expose some aggregate and left

  • Restoring Polished Concrete After Spills & Stains | Runyon

    Restoring Polished Concrete After Spills & Stains | Runyon

    polished concrete is a fantastic flooring choice for industrial facilities, commercial spaces and retail stores. though durable and low-maintenance, it is possible to damage this type of flooring. liquids left on a polished surface can stain or etch, especially if it is citric, acidic or caustic in nature. stain protectors are added as a final layer to prevent damage.

  • What causes the dark spots on concrete after pressure wash

    What Causes The Dark Spots On Concrete After Pressure Wash

    it’s not easy as you all know to get rid of dark spots quickly but you’re not that far away from getting rid of dark spots from your skin. no one will ever let you know the dark side of today’s online products. you can get rid of them. we are all here to help each other in a best way to create a healthy lifestyle and helpful society.

  • When to Seal New Concrete | Concrete Sealer Reviews

    When To Seal New Concrete | Concrete Sealer Reviews

    when to seal new concrete after installation the most common way to preserve the appearance of new concrete is to seal it. sealing new concrete will protect the surface from a multitude of stains and damage-causing elements. it is a great way to prol...

  • How to Prevent 5 Decorative Concrete Sealer Problems | For

    How To Prevent 5 Decorative Concrete Sealer Problems | For

    problem: concrete is dark and/or blotchy after sealer is applied film-forming concrete sealers will darken concrete and leave a glossy shine to some extent, giving the concrete a “wet look.'

  • How to Remove Black Stains on Concrete | eHow

    How To Remove Black Stains On Concrete | EHow

    black stains on concrete consist of layers of dirt and oil, chemicals, ink or other substances. the combination of substances become darker as layers of dirt accumulate on top of the stain. when removing a black stain from concrete, it is important to completely remove the stain's multiple layers to keep new dirt and debris from reattaching to the stain's top layer.

  • Milky Spots| Concrete Construction Magazine

    Milky Spots| Concrete Construction Magazine

    a: this is not a simple problem, and water-based sealers complicate the issue further because moisture and temperature conditions are more critical than with solvent-based systems. often, whitish areas on sealers indicate that the sealer has lost its bond to the concrete and light reflecting through that small air space causes the white appearance.

  • Concrete Stain Removal: How To Remove Common Stains

    Concrete Stain Removal: How To Remove Common Stains

    mix flour and hydrogen peroxide to form a thick paste similar in consistency to peanut butter. cover the stain with the paste in a layer that’s about 1/4 inch thick. securely tape plastic wrap over the paste and let sit for 24-48 hours. as the paste dries, it will lift the berry stain from the concrete.

  • My Concrete Countertops Two Years Later (And My Plan To

    My Concrete Countertops Two Years Later (And My Plan To

    i’ve scraped stuff off of my countertops with the point of a sharp knife, and it won’t damage them. that part i like. but obviously, concrete is very porous, and if it’s not sealed well (and i mean really well), then it’ll stain. if you start out with dark stained countertops, that will be less of an issue.

  • Should I Reseal My Concrete? | In Decorative Concrete

    Should I Reseal My Concrete? | In Decorative Concrete

    this may happen within a year after the sealer was applied. like scuffing a varnished surface with sandpaper, acrylic concrete sealer will turn hazy if scratched. simple foot traffic or even normal weathering will abrade acrylic sealer. it will at some point become dulled ordamaged. usually, the first suggestion is to re-apply another coat of sealer.

  • Does concrete dry darker or lighter?

    Does Concrete Dry Darker Or Lighter?

    when a sealer “pops” the color of the concrete, it's making the color seem richer, darker and more vivid. this is similar to what water does when it wets out the surface of concrete. “wet-look” sealers are sealers that make the concrete look like it's wet with water.

  • selection and application guide

    Selection And Application Guide

    upon drying, the concrete will lighten to its pre-sealed color. penetrating sealers do not leave a shine or gloss on the concrete. concrete cure and seals will darken concrete and leave a glossy shine, giving the concrete a “wet look”. the concrete will lighten back to its unsealed color only when the cure and seal wears off or is removed.

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