chain vs belt drive harley

Chain Vs Belt Drive Harley

3-guyz belt-to-chain conversion | hot bike,and let’s face it, chains just look cooler. the off-the-shelf kit comes complete with everything needed to convert just about any belt-driven harley-davidson. if different offsets are needed for custom applications such as funky frames or a large rear tire, 3-guyz will custom-make it for you..chain drive vs belt drive harley china | gearbox,four.the conveyor belt can be utilized wire mesh belt, chain roller, teflon mesh belt 3. 5.heating making use of 600w 220v far infrared quartz heating tube. 6.temperature handle making use of large precision clever temperature manage system . up and down temperature impartial regulation..

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  • Motorcycle Belt Final Drive Vs. Chain Final Drive-Biker

    Motorcycle Belt Final Drive Vs. Chain Final Drive-Biker

    a belt drive does not need any oil at all, they weigh less than a chain, they can last up to 100,000 miles before replacement, and they need no maintenance, because they generally do not stretch like a chain does.

  • Chain vs Belt drive : Harley

    Chain Vs Belt Drive : Harley

    chains are easier to replace. that's about it. they are noisier, require frequent adjustment, need cleaned and lubed, and wear out faster than belts. also sprockets and chains wear together meaning to replace one you should replace all of it. belts are quiet, last 100k easy, need less adjustment, and can be replaced without replacing sprockets.

  • belt vs chain final drive | Harley Davidson Forums

    Belt Vs Chain Final Drive | Harley Davidson Forums

    has anyone done a back to back comparison of belt vs chain final drive on a dyno, all the info on the web claim only a 1-4% power loss from chain drive and a 9-15% power loss on a belt drive, i would assume the older wider belts would lose more than the newer more narrow belts just curious as i have switched from belt to chain on my 06 road glide

  • Chain Vs Belt Drive Bike: Pros and Cons - Where The Road Forks

    Chain Vs Belt Drive Bike: Pros And Cons - Where The Road Forks

    belt drives last longer than chain drives- a properly maintained belt drive can last 3-5 times as long as a chain drive. some riders have gotten 20,000 miles (around 30,000 km) out of a single belt. most chains only last 3000-5000 miles. cleaner- belt drives require no lubrication.

  • Belt primary vs. chain primary? | Harley Davidson Forums

    Belt Primary Vs. Chain Primary? | Harley Davidson Forums

    chains stretch , need attention and maitenance and occasional adjustment. i've never seen one break. belt do not stretch. they usually just break. harley used factory installed primary belt drives in the early 80s on the fxb sturgis and willie g models. you'll notice they no longer offer a belt primary.

  • belt or chain final drive? | V-Twin Forum

    Belt Or Chain Final Drive? | V-Twin Forum

    if a boss hoss can use belt drive, i think you'll be ok. just put a belt for a buell 1125r (goodyear) on my bike last friday, but the oem belt (gates) was holding up fine. belt is light, quiet, clean, and super low maintenance. chain is easier to change gearing and stronger, but if it

  • Chain Drive vs. Belt Drive - Mechanical Booster

    Chain Drive Vs. Belt Drive - Mechanical Booster

    a mechanical drive system is a mechanism, which is intended to transmit power and motion over a certain distance typically involving vary in speed and torque. both belt and chain drive are the part of mechanical drive system and are used for transmission of power from prime mover or

  • Chain to Belt | V-Twin Forum

    Chain To Belt | V-Twin Forum

    the belt drive kit can work though. if you install everything better than the instuctions say, new bolt for output shaft and loctite on properly cleaned threads, maybe even a new wider washer to keep the pulley in place, then it should last. if you do it, i don't recommend loctite on the rear pulley where it bolts to the wheel, use the locking tabs. the belt drive kit will still leave a chain drive sporty revving

  • Chain drive vs belt and shaft drive on a Harley : Harley

    Chain Drive Vs Belt And Shaft Drive On A Harley : Harley

    chain drive vs belt and shaft drive on a harley correct me if i'm wrong but i've noticed that some iron 883's have belt drives rather than chain drives. i understand that belt drives are meant for cruising and maintenance is not needed to much but i heard that chain drives are good for speed but more work is needed in maintaining it.

  • Motorcycle Chain Vs. Belt Vs. Shaft Final Drive | Motorcyclist

    Motorcycle Chain Vs. Belt Vs. Shaft Final Drive | Motorcyclist

    yes, chains require regular cleaning and lubrication, tend to make a mess of things, and wear out much faster than belts or shafts, but every form of final drive is a compromise. chains are in

  • Horsepower; Belt vs chain [Archive] - The Sportster and

    Horsepower; Belt Vs Chain [Archive] - The Sportster And

    tia charliehow much horse power a belt or chain will take is not as important as how much power the belt or chain will transmit to the rear wheel , the shaft drive % of power is 75% a chain drive % is 80 to 85%, and a belt drive 90 to 95% these are what i remember from

  • Difference Between Chain Drive and Belt Drive | Compare

    Difference Between Chain Drive And Belt Drive | Compare

    • belt drives undergo slippage, whereas chain drives have no slippage. • chain drives use sprocket, while belt drives use sheaves (pulleys). • chain drive can operate under high loads, while belt drives can operate under high speed conditions. • belt drives are silent, while chain drives are noisy.

  • Primary Belt Drive Conversion - Pros and Cons for Your

    Primary Belt Drive Conversion - Pros And Cons For Your

    1) belts can break : obviously a chain is stronger than a belt and it is “possible” to break a belt if you are running a high performance setup. belts come in different widths (wider = stronger), so keep your bike’s hp in mind when choosing the width of the setup. also, inspect your belt regularly.

  • Chain vs Belt Drive Motorcycle vs Shaft Drive | PJ1

    Chain Vs Belt Drive Motorcycle Vs Shaft Drive | PJ1

    belt drives are somewhere in-between, offering a quiet ride that’s more efficient than a shaft – driven bike. 4. maintenance each drive system requires a different type of maintenance. chain drives require the most maintenance, requiring both lubrication and tension adjustment on a regular basis. belt drives re quire changing the belt at

  • Is it safe to wheelie a Harley with a belt drive, or is

    Is It Safe To Wheelie A Harley With A Belt Drive, Or Is

    safe? sure, you probably won't get hurt when the belt breaks....just coast off to the side of the road. most of us in the club do not do wheelies, or burn-outs with a belt drive. i've broken 2 belts trying to show off (years ago) and don't do it a...

  • Chain Vs Belt Vs Shaft Drive ... - TVS Motor Company

    Chain Vs Belt Vs Shaft Drive ... - TVS Motor Company

    chain vs belt vs shaft drive: motorcycle final drive systems explained with their characteristics. it’s all too common to see a pair of sprockets connected through a chain, driving the rear wheel of a motorcycle. however, it’s not the only final drive system used on motorcycles.

  • What Final Drive is Better for Motorcycles: Chain, Belt or

    What Final Drive Is Better For Motorcycles: Chain, Belt Or

    o-ring chains are a huge improvement over standard chains, which have pretty much disappeared from motorcycling. chain drives are more efficient than belt or shaft (particularly more so than shaft). (as an aside, i put a chain drive on my generator for my plug-in hybrid trike proof of concept.

  • Motorcycle Final Drive Systems (Chain, Belt and Shaft)

    Motorcycle Final Drive Systems (Chain, Belt And Shaft)

    like chain drive, belts do not create any kind of torque rise by the rear wheel extending, as do shaft drive systems when power is applied. this means a more consistent chassis attitude and a generally more comfortable ride quality and better handling. the most popular touring bikes in america, harley-davidsons, use belt drive exclusively.

  • Why convert belt drive to chain drive? [Archive] - The

    Why Convert Belt Drive To Chain Drive? [Archive] - The

    chain drive has higher tensile strength, which has value in high-horsepower and/or racing applications. it is lighter. our parts are about 4 lbs lighter than the belt drive parts. it is cheaper and easier to change ratios, and a practically infinite number of ratios is available. less power loss from friction.

  • Final Drive: Chain, Belt or Shaft - BikesRepublic

    Final Drive: Chain, Belt Or Shaft - BikesRepublic

    unobtrusive operation. a belt is low noise, especially when compared to an unlubricated, unadjusted or old chain. a belt drive also does not fling chain lubricant all over the bike and rider. long service life. for example, harley-davidson recommends that the drive belt

  • Difference Between Chain Drive and Belt Drive | Difference

    Difference Between Chain Drive And Belt Drive | Difference

    chain drive vs. belt drive. both a chain drive and a belt drive are part of mechanisms that allow locomotion and a transfer of power within a particular piece of machinery. the usual application of a chain drive and a belt drive is to transfer power or as a

  • Best Final Drive System For A Trike – Chain, Belt Or Shaft

    Best Final Drive System For A Trike – Chain, Belt Or Shaft

    the biggest advantage of a chain is its ability to deliver almost all your engines power to your rear wheel. on a trike, the chain drive has the lowest drop off of power. it only drops around 1% to 3% from the engine to the rear wheel. whereas a drive belt drops between 11% to 14% and a drive

  • Belt lengths, Pulley sizes, Drive ratios - MullieMotors

    Belt Lengths, Pulley Sizes, Drive Ratios - MullieMotors

    belt lengths, pulley sizes, drive ratios unlike a chain, a belt cannot be easily extended or shortened to accomodate different pulley sizes. therefore, it is important to make a good choice in pulley sizes and belt length to obtain a desired drive ratio while maintaining a proper center to center distance between

  • The Harley Owners Group Blog | Often Overlooked: Drive Belt

    The Harley Owners Group Blog | Often Overlooked: Drive Belt

    the 1980 fxb sturgis model was the first harley-davidson motorcycle with a modern drive belt. unlike the chain it eventually replaced throughout the harley model line a drive belt does not require messy cleaning and lubrication. the thin belt may look almost delicate, but internal tensile cords of aramid fibre make it very strong and resistant