electric shower vs combi boilershower mixers trinidad

Electric Shower Vs Combi Boilershower Mixers Trinidad

combi/shower vs electric shower | diynot forums,we are in the process of having our bathroom refitted and have decided to have a thermostatic running off the instead of having a more powerful installed. to get comparable power (and heat control), an would cost us more because of the upgrades in the wiring..which shower system should i choose? | bathstore,unlike mixer and power showers, electric showers take water from the cold water supply, where it is heated by the heating elements inside the shower unit. as an electric shower unit is completely separate from your hot water system, you can have hot water in an instant (unlike many mixer or power showers which take hot water from the hot water supply). that means an electric shower is ready to use.

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  • Choosing a shower for a combi boiler system by Mira Showers

    Choosing A Shower For A Combi Boiler System By Mira Showers

    electric showers also work well with combi boilers, however, they aren’t considered to be as compatible as a mixer or digital showers. the main benefit of an electric shower is that it will keep working if your boiler fails as the water is heated by the shower itself as opposed to the boiler.

  • Electric shower or combi. | Screwfix Community Forum

    Electric Shower Or Combi. | Screwfix Community Forum

    on the basis of experience a typical attached to a will deliver about 12l/min whereas a typical will deliver about 4 l/min. the will have fewer losses than the since the energy is transferred to the at the point of use and the has a flu but electricity is a more expensive fuel anyway.

  • Shower. Electric or Combi Boiler? — MoneySavingExpert Forum

    Shower. Electric Or Combi Boiler? — MoneySavingExpert Forum

    combi shower is cheaper to run - electric is 3-4 times the cost of gas. for a 10 minute shower, you're saving around 10p each shower (assumes 10kw shower) advantage with electric shower is less risk of being without washing facilities. if your shower breaks you can have a hot bath fed off the boiler, if the boiler breaks you still have the shower.

  • Costs of running an Electric shower vs.H/W from Combi

    Costs Of Running An Electric Shower Vs.H/W From Combi

    cost wise, lets say a unit of costs 14p. a 9kw would cost £1.26 to run per hour plus water charges. now as most people dont for an hour and take about 10 mins, then cost

  • Electric shower or combi boiler shower? | DIYnot Forums

    Electric Shower Or Combi Boiler Shower? | DIYnot Forums

    with an electric shower, if the boiler ever fails you are still able to wash! if it's the only shower or wash facility in the house then i would always go with an electric shower when using a combi. aquaheat, 3 apr 2009. #3.

  • Electric vs. Mixer shower - cheapest to run

    Electric Vs. Mixer Shower - Cheapest To Run

    gas is cheaper than electricity therefore a combi boiler shower will be cheaper to run. 0. 18 august 2011 at 8:42pm. just a bath). we have a combi boiler and have been told we are looking at either an electric or mixer shower (thermostatic). we are wondering which would be the cheapest to run in terms of gas/electric, does

  • Power Shower vs Electric Shower | Hometree

    Power Shower Vs Electric Shower | Hometree

    electric showers have an internal heating element and can, therefore, take their water from the cold-water supply and warm it up as you shower in real-time. the electric shower unit is separate from the rest of your hot water system, which also means that you can still enjoy a hot shower if your boiler breaks down. an electric shower may also be necessary if your home's existing plumbing system can't reach certain areas of your home. what about combi

  • Power Shower vs Electric Shower - Soakology

    Power Shower Vs Electric Shower - Soakology

    power showers have a more powerful water flow than electric showers giving a much nicer experience. however, electric showers are arguably more efficient and cheaper to run than a power shower, so it depends on where your priorities lie. having an electric or power shower doesn't mean you have to sacrifce on style.

  • Which Shower Should I Choose? Choosing a Shower | What is

    Which Shower Should I Choose? Choosing A Shower | What Is

    this makes upgrading your shower much easier in the future. showers up to 7kw may carry a 6mm cable as long as the shower unit is within 18 metres of the fuseboard. fuses and switches should be rated at 32 amps. showers up to 8.5kw may carry a 6mm cable as long as the shower

  • Combi Boiler in - Shower Fully Electric or off the Combi

    Combi Boiler In - Shower Fully Electric Or Off The Combi

    top-end electric shower: ~11kw output most basic of combi boilers: ~25kw hot water output if you like your showers hot and powerful, combi is the way to go

  • Mixer shower problems: 4 most common mixer shower faults

    Mixer Shower Problems: 4 Most Common Mixer Shower Faults

    this time, george lists 4 common problems with mixer showers like stiff controls, dripping shower head or temperature problems and then goes on to explain h...

  • Best Shower For Combi Boilers | Blog | Sanctuary Bathrooms

    Best Shower For Combi Boilers | Blog | Sanctuary Bathrooms

    you have a couple of options here: switch to an electric shower which will heat the water itself, or get a combi boiler with a stronger power rating. this last option is quite drastic. water temperature fluctuates. if your water temperature is fluctuating while you shower, this could mean the mixer valve isn't compatible with a combi boiler.

  • Which Water System am i on: Debunking Water Systems within

    Which Water System Am I On: Debunking Water Systems Within

    as mixer showers have a hot and cold feed directly in to the back of the valve in the wall, this type of shower typically performs best on high pressure or combi boiler water systems, as there are no additional pumps increasing the water flow through the shower head.

  • What's the Best Mixer Shower? - MyBuilder

    What's The Best Mixer Shower? - MyBuilder

    the combi-boiler hot water production flow rate and incoming mains pressure will ultimately give you your final outlet flow to any shower mixer. of the two choices of manufacturer i would plumb for the aqualisa although mira are just as good. just prefer the style and performance of aqualisa 'quartz' and 'rise' range. 2012-04-26t19:35:05+01:00.

  • Is it cheaper to run an electric or power shower and what

    Is It Cheaper To Run An Electric Or Power Shower And What

    in terms of costs, there would be a difference between fuel types. electricity is generally charged at about 12p per kwh, so for a 10 minute shower using a 7.5kw shower would cost 15p.

  • How to fit a shower | Ideas & Advice | DIY at

    How To Fit A Shower | Ideas & Advice | DIY At

    you could go for a mixer shower with or without a pump, a power shower or an electric shower. if you've got a combination boiler or your cold water comes directly off the mains, your options are a mixer shower or an electric shower. this is because a combi boiler or mains supply does not allow you to fix a pump.

  • Electric or thermostatic shower? | Mumsnet

    Electric Or Thermostatic Shower? | Mumsnet

    a shower fed from a combi boiler will give better flow and more hot water than an electric shower. a typical modern combi has a power output of 30kw to 35kw. a typical electric shower has a power in the region of 10kw - so only a third as much hot

  • Recommended mixer shower - MyWorkman.co.uk

    Recommended Mixer Shower - MyWorkman.co.uk

    most mixer showers today are compatible with combi boilers or pressure systems. but check before you purchase. depending on your budget aqualisa, mira, hansgrohe are in my opinion the best available. they can be quite costly depending on the type and style you purchase. their are three different types of mixer shower body available.

  • What are the Best Showers for Combi Boilers

    What Are The Best Showers For Combi Boilers

    the best showers for combi boilers are mixer showers. to ensure the best performance from your shower, it’s advisable to buy a shower that works with the characteristics of a combination boiler. our popular ambassador range has a category of mixer showers that are specifically designed to work best with combi boilers.

  • Choosing between the different types of shower by Mira Showers

    Choosing Between The Different Types Of Shower By Mira Showers

    a mains pressure combination boiler is suitable for electric, digital and mixer showers. if you’ve got a plentiful supply of hot water then you may prefer a mixer shower, as it has a powerful flow and will give you more of a boost than an electric shower. learn more about choosing the best shower for a combi

  • Showers - the choices, gravity feed, pumped, electric

    Showers - The Choices, Gravity Feed, Pumped, Electric

    showers - the choices. push-on - combined mixer taps - gravity feed - power shower - combi - electric. mixers - manual - thermostatic. when you come to choose a type of shower to fit, you will find a wide range of options and the one to suit you will depend upon the existing plumbing in the building and the people who will use the shower.

  • Complete Mixer Showers | Heat & Plumb

    Complete Mixer Showers | Heat & Plumb

    complete mixer showers. our range of mixer showers offer you an all-in-one solution to your shower and generally give you a better flow rate compared to an electric shower, for example. all items in this category come as a complete package - with a shower valve (exposed, concealed or bar), shower head (either fixed or an adjustable handset on a

  • How does an electric shower work? - Explain that Stuff

    How Does An Electric Shower Work? - Explain That Stuff

    how do mixer showers work? the simplest showers are called mixer showers and, as their name suggests, they work by mixing hot and cold water from separate pipes to make warm water whose temperature is somewhere in between. the most basic form of mixer shower is a y-shaped rubber pipe that you fit over the hot and water faucets (taps) on a bath-tub.

  • Can you get decent shower pressure with a combi boiler

    Can You Get Decent Shower Pressure With A Combi Boiler

    you can't get more out in the hot side than you have coming in on the water main. some of the larger combos can deliver near 20 litres per minute. they wouldn't reach that with 10 litres per minute coming in. fill a large container and try to time how many litres per minute the cold tap in

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