concrete slab termite protection

Concrete Slab Termite Protection

termites & concrete slabs • reportcentre,(check the electrical meter box for a “termite protection notice” or talk to your pest control firm to better understand your obligations with regard to the termite protection system.) an ‘infill’ concrete slab is also a common entry point for termites. infill slabs are installed between the external walls and do not have an external slab edge visible. termites can enter the building between the wall and slab. infill slabs are.concrete slabs as barriers to subterranean termites,the termite barrier system while the concrete slab provides an effective barrier to termite penetration, to complete the termite barrier system, any penetrations and joints through the slab, plus the slab edge must be considered, as these are the remaining locations that could allow page 3 of 5 >concrete slabs as barriers to subterranean termites.

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  • Protecting against termites - Queensland Building and

    Protecting Against Termites - Queensland Building And

    installing a 300mm wide concrete protection strip; a reticulation system to top-up the chemical. graded stone placed under the foundation slab and around the perimeter; stainless steel mesh full or partial mesh under the slab and around the perimeter; termite resistant materials. treated timber; masonry; steel; concrete; fibre-reinforced cement.



    the pouring of concrete slabs. the vapor barrier also protects flooring from sub-slab moisture penetration. 15. the code requires a protective sleeve around metallic piping penetrating concrete slab-on-grade floors when soil treatment is used for subterranean termite protection. is the annular space between protective

  • Protecting Your Home from Termites - Pest Control

    Protecting Your Home From Termites - Pest Control

    the concrete slab itself can be used as a barrier to prevent termites entering the home,however a number of precautions will need to be taken: • the slab will need to be correctly designed and installed to meet the requirements of the australian standard (as 2870).incorrectly designed or installed concrete slabs can crack,and may allow passage

  • Pretreat concrete slab for termites - Orkin

    Pretreat Concrete Slab For Termites - Orkin

    answer: treating houses during construction, when the foundation and the soil and/or gravel that forms the bed of future concrete slabs are exposed, is the best time to apply chemical protection against subterranean termites. the foundation block and the footing for the block or poured concrete wall are treated on the outside and inside.

  • Termite Barrier Types - What is the best fit for your property

    Termite Barrier Types - What Is The Best Fit For Your Property

    the physical blanket is for the perimeter between the concrete slab and brickwork. this system stops termites from entering your home from under the concrete slab. you still must keep your external perimeter clear of gardens and pathways. this will allow you to see termites entering the house over the concrete slab.

  • Do Slab Homes Have Termite Problems?

    Do Slab Homes Have Termite Problems?

    these flat, concrete layers are a great foundation for the home to sit on and since there is not a lot of freezing here in middle tn; a slab is often the preferred foundation. but one thing that our nashville pest control pros are being asked is whether or not slab homes have termite problems.



    to limit concrete slab cracking, the recommendations of the american concrete institute (ref. 5) for quality concrete placement should be followed. in basement walls, the dampproofing and waterproofing measures employed to reduce water penetration aid in the prevention of termite entry.

  • Waffle Concrete Slab can attract Termites | Conquer

    Waffle Concrete Slab Can Attract Termites | Conquer

    when you find the situation we came across with the exposed termite nest directly under the concrete slab, you can apply a controlling agent (liquid termiticide – termidor) directly into the nest. sometimes there is a situation where the house had reported termite activity inside so a full chemical treatment had been applied to the external perimeter.



    australian standard 3660.1 new building work identifies that a concrete slab constructed to as 2870 or as 3600 can be used as a component of the termite management system. when built to australian standards concrete is a hard and durable material.

  • 6 Ways Subterranean Termites Enter

    6 Ways Subterranean Termites Enter

    lesson learned. the styrofoam not only hid the termites from view it also insulated them from any termiticide application. that’s just a few common ways termites have entered slab constructed homes. there are always other ways, after all; we are dealing with a

  • Termite Protection: Building Code Provisions & Recommended

    Termite Protection: Building Code Provisions & Recommended

    r318.4 does not require protection of foam plastics, it just limits the location of their use and requires that they be located at least 6” above grade. the intent is to prevent the creation of a “hidden pathway” for termite infestation, but because hidden pathways exist in nearly all types of construction, these provisions do not

  • Myth busted: concrete slabs won't protect you from

    Myth Busted: Concrete Slabs Won't Protect You From

    for concrete slabs to be effective in the fight against termite attack, they need to be augmented with other protective measures. these include physical and chemical protection. on top of joists, piles, or stumps, ant caps or termite shields should be used. these help to prevent termites direct access, so although they can still gain entry to

  • How to Kill Termites? Concrete slab treatment - Termite

    How To Kill Termites? Concrete Slab Treatment - Termite

    subterranean termites live below ground and may enter the structure passing underneath the concrete slab and then go up into your house to consume cellulose. the termite treatment method is used to ged rid of termites by applying a liquid pesticide (termiticide) under the bottom slab to block this possible entry point. the chemically treated zone surrounds the perimeter of the building and

  • Concrete Slab Termite Protection - Concrete Engineering

    Concrete Slab Termite Protection - Concrete Engineering

    re: concrete slab termite protection boo1 (mechanical) 23 jun 04 15:25 termi-mesh™ termite barrier ( ) termi-mesh is a flexible, corrosion-resistant, high-grade, stainless steel mesh that termites cannot penetrate.

  • Termite Prevention Options - Termites & White Ants Control

    Termite Prevention Options - Termites & White Ants Control

    slabs do crack; just have a look at a garage floor or any other large slab of concrete. however, termites cannot get through less than 2 mm cracks and, despite the urban myths, they don’t eat their way through it. concrete slabs must be constructed in accordance with australian standards (as3660.1).

  • Physical Termite Barriers || Control and Prevention

    Physical Termite Barriers || Control And Prevention

    a variety of products are available to fill awkward gaps in construction and joins in concrete slabs, ensuring a complete termite protection system is put in place. termite foam is rather like gap filler foam but contains a repellent termiticide. it is applied as an expanding ‘two

  • Manly Code for the Protection of Buildings against Termite

    Manly Code For The Protection Of Buildings Against Termite

    4.2 protection of areas beneath and there are two main areas where termites may enter around a concrete slab concrete slab on ground construction houses: either - through the slab itself - slab cracking (uncontrolled cracking of a concrete slab will ultimately reduce its effectiveness as a termite barrier). or - over the edge.

  • <> Termite Control <> Building Protection <> Termite Control <> Building Protection

    if your property is on a concrete slab on ground flooring, make sure you can inspect the entire external slab edge for evidence of termite mud-shelter tubes. do not allow this area to be covered by pavers, landscaping, planter pots, etc, as termites often gain entry into the walls of a building via this locality, particularly through external weep holes and minute gaps in the mortar in brick-work.

  • Drilling & Injecting — The Termite Trackers - Termite

    Drilling & Injecting — The Termite Trackers - Termite

    drilling concrete slabs and injecting chemical is one of the ways to protect a property from termites, and then there are obviously variations of those treatment methods depending on the type of construction and requirements of the treatment. however, there have to be a few specifications met to ensure it is done correctly.

  • Protecting Buildings from Subterranean Termites

    Protecting Buildings From Subterranean Termites

    termite hazard is “low or not present”, again local advice should be sought regarding the need for termite protection. figure 1: termite hazard map via wall cavities and fine cracks in mortar or slabs. in rare cases, a nest may be established inside the building as an offshoot from an existing colony. this

  • Height of concrete pathway's effect on termite protection

    Height Of Concrete Pathway's Effect On Termite Protection

    a termite barrier/protection for penetrations through your slab; perimeter protection around the slab; visual inspection zones (min 75mm); treatment of any attachments providing concealed entry for termites; treatment of any structural timbers below ground; and; yearly visual inspections by the homeowner of any termite tunnels

  • Termite Barrier System | Termimesh Singapore

    Termite Barrier System | Termimesh Singapore

    a critical area requiring termite protection is around service pipes or clusters that extend through concrete slabs and walls. termi-flanges are fixed to these pipes and then the concrete is poured, making sure that the mesh barrier is embedded into the concrete and sealed, protecting the gap between the pipe and the surrounding concrete.

  • Concrete slabs - Preventing termite entry with graded stone

    Concrete Slabs - Preventing Termite Entry With Graded Stone

    concrete slabs - preventing termite entry with graded stone. graded stone may be used to prevent termite entry. the stone is finely crushed granite of a size difficult for termites to tunnel through. the graded stone is placed at likely entry points for termites, such as service penetrations and the perimeter.

  • Exposed Slab Edge Used As A Termite Visual Barrier May Not

    Exposed Slab Edge Used As A Termite Visual Barrier May Not

    exposed concrete slabs used as a termite visual barrier if exposed 75mm above the ground does comply with australian standards as3660.1.2014. the slab edge is to remain exposed 75mm to be able to inspect for termite leads that can track up the slab edge.

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