exposed aggregate vs stamped concrete patio

Exposed Aggregate Vs Stamped Concrete Patio

downsides to exposed aggregate vs broom finish concrete?,concrete work is as varied as it gets. an interior exposed aggregate in a contemporary furniture store is sure to be a polished finish which is completely different than exposed aggregate exterior flatwork. grinding or polishing exterior work is very rare. washing or rinsing away the paste layer is more typical for exposing outdoor concrete aggregate concrete vs. pavers - bahler brothers,exposed aggregate concrete. exposed aggregate is a term that describes one way to dress or finish poured-in-place concrete. they literally will pour the concrete from a mixer truck, trowel it and then let it set up just a little bit. they then take an acid and wash off the top cream of the cement, exposing the rock and minerals they’ve added to the mix (the aggregate)..

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  • Choosing the Right Concrete Finish — Pacific Garden Design

    Choosing The Right Concrete Finish — Pacific Garden Design

    exposed aggregate concrete. to give concrete an exposed aggregate finish, the surface of the wet concrete is treated with a chemical that stops the outer layer of cement from curing. that outer layer is then washed off, revealing the aggregate within the concrete. exposed aggregate concrete features a bumpy, pebbled texture, which creates excellent traction when wet.

  • Mixing Exposed Aggregate and Stamped Concrete - One Pour

    Mixing Exposed Aggregate And Stamped Concrete - One Pour

    exposed aggregate is done several different ways. the high end way to pour the slab quick float and sprinkle the color of rock or colors on top then tamp them in finish the slab and use water to wash the surface, this provides the colors and or patterns that really pop over just washing the surface and exposing the aggregate.

  • What are the Different Types of Concrete Finishes (and

    What Are The Different Types Of Concrete Finishes (and

    the reason is that the aggregate is revealed or ‘exposed’ through a multi step process that removes the cement or ‘paste’ from the exposed surface area. the slick trowel concrete and broom finished concrete utilize limestone whereas exposed aggregate concrete offers plenty of river stone options.

  • Countryside Concrete, Inc. :: Exposed Aggregate

    Countryside Concrete, Inc. :: Exposed Aggregate

    exposed aggregate. exposed aggregate is the process of removing the thin layer of cement to exposed the rock on a concrete surface. it can be done on both horizantal and verticle surfaces. it is another way to add a decorative look to any exterior concrete application.

  • Biondo Cement - Exposed Aggregate & Stamped Concrete

    Biondo Cement - Exposed Aggregate & Stamped Concrete

    exposed aggregate is a process of adding a pea stone aggregate mix to the concrete instead of crushed limestone that’s typically added to plain cement or stamped concrete. then the concrete is finished smooth, and a retarder agent is applied to the surface before it dries to keep the top layer of concrete soft, allowing the cement underneath to harden.

  • Aggregate vs Stamped Concrete - Complete Guide

    Aggregate Vs Stamped Concrete - Complete Guide

    comparing the two, aggregate is more affordable as it is usually at the lower end of the pricing range. stamping is not expensive, but using aggregate concrete is more economical, especially if you have a larger project. typically, stamped concrete starts at $120 while an exposed aggregate finish is around $100.

  • Exposed aggregate or stamped concrete, pros & cons

    Exposed Aggregate Or Stamped Concrete, Pros & Cons

    stamped concrete is pretty dated (imo) and can also gather a fair bit of dirt in the crevices. it's usually coloured too and can be a bit slippery (sometimes) exposed aggregate has been around for much, much longer, but doesn't seem as dated to me, but at the end of the day it's your personal taste that matters most nzmax, jun 25, 10:05am

  • Exposed Aggregate vs Stamped concrete : Concrete

    Exposed Aggregate Vs Stamped Concrete : Concrete

    can't go wrong either way. an exposed aggregate border with a stamped patio would look great. you will find arguments against this statement but in my experience with stamped concrete - 'make sure to use integral colored concrete rather than a color hardener.

  • Exposed Aggregate Vs Stamped Concrete - EzineArticles

    Exposed Aggregate Vs Stamped Concrete - EzineArticles

    the particulate aggregate matter of the concrete is pronouncedly visible on the top layer of the concrete giving an awesome appealing finish to the concrete structure. it is used in various places like driveways, patios and sidewalks. the exposed aggregate concrete mixture is essentially the same concrete mixture that is used in general purposes.

  • Hardscape question - stamped or exposed concrete

    Hardscape Question - Stamped Or Exposed Concrete

    exposed aggregate is more difficult to shovel snow from than finished concrete (even broom finished) but easier than stamped concrete. it deteriorates faster than either of your other options, though neither are likely to really deteriorate much over the next decade or two).

  • Broom finished concrete vs. aggregate | Custom Concrete

    Broom Finished Concrete Vs. Aggregate | Custom Concrete

    the result is a sturdy and beautiful surface that reveals the smooth pebbles in the concrete. exposed aggregate concrete is a great option for high traffic areas, such as driveways, paths and patios. it can also be used for retaining walls around hillside homes. it can be used alongside stamped or broom finished concrete to add extra detail.

  • Concrete vs Exposed Aggregate | Hamilton | Pro Pavement

    Concrete Vs Exposed Aggregate | Hamilton | Pro Pavement

    standard concrete paving also tends to be more affordable than exposed aggregate paving, costing only about $7-9 per square foot. many homeowners like the nice, clean look of a standard concrete driveway as well as the fact that it can be tinted and

  • Exposed Aggregate Patio (Pros & Cons and Designs

    Exposed Aggregate Patio (Pros & Cons And Designs

    the national average cost of materials to install an exposed aggregate concrete patio is $2.04 per sq foot; raging around $1.90 to $2.18. the basic aggregate concrete patio material price for 100 square feet area can cost around $125 to $150 while the best aggregate concrete patio material price for 100 square feet area can cost around $200 to $235.

  • Plain vs. Stamped vs Exposed/pebble Concrete

    Plain Vs. Stamped Vs Exposed/pebble Concrete

    the plain traditional concrete is a good application, but is not as durable as exposed, somewhat slip resistant depending on the broomed marks. stamped concrete will hold up well also, when install properly, but not near like exposed aggregate or traditional concrete...not recommend for steps that will be walked on during winter months..unless the sealer is mixed with silica sand.

  • What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete? – Patterned Concrete

    What Is Exposed Aggregate Concrete? – Patterned Concrete

    advantages of exposed aggregate concrete. there are a number of benefits when you choose stamped concrete. let’s have a look at a few of them. of course, the most obvious plus you’ll get when you choose this material is its great appearance. you’ll enjoy the three-dimensional surface and the natural appearance and colors of the aggregate.

  • Concrete Patio Finishes (Types & Designs) - Designing Idea

    Concrete Patio Finishes (Types & Designs) - Designing Idea

    it’s also advisable to apply a concrete sealer to your exposed aggregate concrete patio. this will protect the surface and will also make it more attractive. sealers will enhance the aggregate’s color and make the surface look deep and rich. you should look for a concrete sealer that is both uv resistant and non-yellowing.

  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete - Decorative Pebble Finish

    Exposed Aggregate Concrete - Decorative Pebble Finish

    exposed aggregate is highly versatile and contrasts beautifully with plain concrete or other decorative treatments such as stamping, stenciling, staining, and integral coloring. little maintenance is required, other than sealing and occasional cleaning.

  • Pros and Cons of Stamped Concrete vs. Interlock Pavers

    Pros And Cons Of Stamped Concrete Vs. Interlock Pavers

    for one, the initial cost of stamped concrete is fairly high. it usually requires professional installation, which adds to the cost. plus you will also have ongoing repair and maintenance costs. you will also find that the colors can fade over time and that patching is often required. another con is that stamped concrete tends to crack and de-icing salts can create further deterioration.

  • What are the Pros and Cons of an Exposed Aggregate Driveway?

    What Are The Pros And Cons Of An Exposed Aggregate Driveway?

    exposed aggregate requires a much wetter mix than traditional concrete. one of the choices for driveway surface material is exposed aggregate. there are various pros and cons of having an exposed aggregate driveway, with one of the benefits being its durability.

  • Decorative Concrete Patio Ideas | Solomon Colors

    Decorative Concrete Patio Ideas | Solomon Colors

    exposed aggregate has a few key selling points. first and foremost, it is very economical among concrete patios ideas. it requires few extra tools or materials and, depending on the design, little extra labor versus smooth concrete. exposed aggregate is also very durable. in concrete, aggregate is the hardest part.

  • 2020 Stamped Concrete vs. Pavers: Costs for Patios or

    2020 Stamped Concrete Vs. Pavers: Costs For Patios Or

    stamped concrete. stamped concrete is similar to a standard slab, but finished with texture to resemble flagstone, brick, and even wood. this decorative effect requires a higher budget but adds more style and curb appeal to your patio or driveway than an unfinished slab. while often used interchangeably, concrete and cement are different materials.

  • FAQ’s for Concrete Design, Costs, Guarantee, Area Served

    FAQ’s For Concrete Design, Costs, Guarantee, Area Served

    - exposed aggregate concrete pricing ranges from $13.00 - 16.00/ square foot. - colored and stamped concrete pricing ranges from $16.00 - 19.00/ square foot. pricing for extras such as borders, steps, pump etc. would be on top of that, and subject to an on-site visit and quotation.

  • 4 Key Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

    4 Key Advantages Of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

    exposed aggregate differs from regular concrete in two key ways. first, the top layer of aggregate visibly protrudes from the surface of the pavement. second, instead of the drab gray gravel used as aggregate in regular concrete, homeowners can select from a

  • Pavers vs Concrete: Comparing Costs and Benefits (Updated

    Pavers Vs Concrete: Comparing Costs And Benefits (Updated

    stamped concrete and paving stones both have a higher upfront cost than slab concrete. stamped concrete can have similar issues to slab concrete in terms of staining or cracking, which may incur higher costs over time. paving stones, which are usually in the same price range as stamped concrete, are easiest to repair or replace if damage occurs over time.

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