Shrikhand Mahadev Trek


Shrikhand Mahadev is located at 16900 feet above sea level, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, It’s the resembles of Shiva Lingam. As localities said that Lord Shiva meditated this peak. Devotees of Lord Shiva visit at the mountain where there is a small holy place of Lord Shiva. Shiva Devotees trek to the Shrikhand Mahadev during Sawan (Hindu Month) the main pilgrimage season (July and August). Shrikhand Mahadev is actually a religious place for Hindus.

Shrikhand Mahadev is the place of Lord Shiva. So it is a place with having great attraction for the religious people as well as for Trekker -Shrikhand Mahadev Peak. In this Trek there, many glaciers also have to be crossed before reaching the majestic Shrikhand Mahadev (Shiv Lingam), where Devotees perform puja. The view from 5,155 meters is simply glorious — you literally feel on the top of the world. The surrounding snow-covered and mountains add to the glory. Devotees cannot stay on top for a long time as the winds there is very strong and bone-chilling weather. ShriKhand Kailash is located at 16900 feet above sea level. It is usually undertaken to coincide with the Ashada Poornima or, full moon day of July to August as per the Vikrami calendar. Jaon Village is the starting point of this Shrikhand Mahadev trek, where is the temple of goddess Shakti. It is a 72-km round track passing through devdarr forests, water streams, Green Land and skyscraping mountains. The Trek is difficult and offers a panoramic view.

Day 1 Jaon to Thaacharu

Jaon is the starting point of the Shrikhand Mahadev Trekking. From we begin our Yatra (journey) and will walk around 3km to Singhaad. Singhaad is the Base camp where Langar Suvidha (Free food service) is accessible, from Singhaad we will have to trek 12km Straight tough Stretch to Thaachru otherwise called ‘Dandi Dhaar’ as a result of its Elevation edge of very nearly 70 Degrees One gets the opportunity to see rich green Deodar trees and Streams while in steering towards Thaachru and after the worn out trek of 15 km we should Halt the main day Journey there as Tent and Meal administrations are accessible there.

Day 2 Thaacharu to Parvati Baag

Next day from Thaachru we start the journey early in morning to Kali Ghati, we’ll have to walk around 3 km uphill to Kali Ghati or Kali Top where we Worship Goddess Kali. Furthermore, if the weather is clear, we can see the Shrikhand Mahadev (Shiva Lingam) which is situated on Shrikhand top from this place. After reaching the Kali Ghati we take a tea break and start trekking 1 km downhill towards Bheem Talai, From the Bheem Talai we have to trek around 3 km to reach Kunsa Valley. Kunsa Valley is a beautiful Green Place with magnificence beauty of nature and Himalayan flowers all around. In Kunsa Valley we found a Tea stall from where we have tea and bring some snacks and start our trekking to Bheem Dwar. Which is around 3-4 km from Kunsa Valley to Bheem Dwar. after trekking 2 hours we reach the Base camp Bheem Dwaar, where tent & food facility is available so we should either stop the second-day travel there or continue trekking 2 km tough towards Parvati Bagh (Flower Valley) another Base camp where tent & food facility is available. At Parvati Bagh, we can see the Himalayan flowers like Brahma Kamal: Mythical Flower of Gods.

Day 3. Parvati Baag to Shrikhand and Bheem Dwar

Next day we start trekking early morning around 5 am, we should walk 2 km up towards Nain Sarovar: The Holy Lake, where one can clean up your self (take Bath) in the lake and after worshipping the Goddess Parvati begin trekking the last 5km trek through rough territory towards Shrikhand Mahadev top. While trekking the last 3-4 km, one feels as they are walking on the Clouds and nearer to the Sky. after reaching the Shrikhand Mahadev (Shiva Lingam), one would have a lot of extra time left to admire the beauty of the place and will see Lord Kartikeya Peak and Mountain ranges from that point. No Buddy can stay on top for a long time as the winds there is very strong and bone-chilling weather. After taking worship start trekking back to Parvati Bag.

How To Reach

By Rail: Shimla is the nearest railway station from to Jaun village – 170 Kms. Shimla is connected with narrow gauge line with Kalka.

By Road: Buses are available from Shimla ISBT. or you can Take a cab/ local bus from Shimla to Rampur 130 Km, then Rampur to Jaun village via Nirmand (Kullu).

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