Trek to Bhrigu Lake


The Bhrigu lake is located near Rohtang Pass (situated at approx. 14,200 feet), Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India. It is located to the east of the Rohtang Pass and it’s around 6 kilometers from the Gulaba village. It can be reached by trekking, trekking start from the Vashisht village, Its 2km north of Manali on the hillside above the Beas River, Vashisht village is a slightly quieter and more compact version of Old Manali and a popular travelers hangout. Which is famous for its hot water springs, which is near to the Manali. You also can start trekking from the Gulaba village. Gulaba village is re-designed and managed properly as per the guidelines of National Green Tribunal Act. Globe barrier has all the relevant equipment and computerized system to ensure proper managements of the tourist pressure during the season.

Gulaba has mobile toilets units and other places are properly managed and it has an effective waste disposal system. This place is considered to be a starting point in Brighu Lake trekking. The area is filled with beautiful flowers and very calm and pleasant. Gulaba is 20 km from Manali.

Bhrigu Lake an area of the Pir Panjal mountain range. It is named after Maharishi Bhrigu.
Maharishi Bhrigu has it that the sage used to mediate near the lake and hence it has been rendered sacred; the locals believe that due to this the lake never freezes completely.

Short Details

Duration: 3N/4D
Highest Altitude: 14,200 feet(approx)
Trekking distance: 29 km around
Best Season: Mid-May to Mid-October

Short Itinerary 

Day 1: Drive from Manali to Gulaba. Short trek to the campsite.
Day 2: Gulaba (10,370 ft) to Rola Khuli (12,566 ft); 3-4 hours, 5 km
Day 3: Rola Khuli (12,566 ft) to Bhrigu Lake (14,009 ft) and back to Rola Khuli; 5-6 hours, 10 km
Day 4: Rola Khuli (12,566 ft) to Gulaba (10,370 ft);

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